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Advocacy Group Decries PETA’s Inhumane Treatment Of Women I love the Onion. That is all.
Some stats on domestic violence at RollingOut.com giving light to the impact of Rihanna and Chris Brown.
Please read Chally at Feministe on the chilling Maguindanao Massacre.
Disgusting statistics about food and starvation in the United States.
A must-read at the Nation about how to save journalism.

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  • Toongrrl

    Whoa…that video

  • AnnaPow

    Does PETA really think that saying “Look, women, unlike men, who are sophisticated and strong, you all are basically animals. So hurry hurry hurry and save their sorry hides!” is going to make women rejoice with the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with being understood, and run through the streets liberating cattle? No. This just pisses us off. Thanks, PETA! Geez…….. (sorry if that made it seem like I am apathetic to the plight of animals, but I REALLY hate PETA!)

  • Comrade Kevin

    This country has been notoriously reluctant to subsidize whole industries with the notable recent exception of the banking system and domestic auto makers. Even then, there were grumblings. The USA has never subsidized art or film the way that say, the French have for years. When cutting funding for the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting became a political threat when the GOP took over in 1994, one understands the extent of opposition that would exist in subsidizing newspapers.
    There were similar discussions along this same line of extending the bailout to the recording industry, which unlike journalism owes its steady decline almost exclusively to the internet (and greed, but that is another topic for another time) but they amounted to nothing. I think we can form our own New Media and I hold nothing especially sacrosanct about an industry beholden to substantial corruption.

  • preciousflight

    That’s the second time someone has posted this video; as much as I usually love The Onion it’s appalling to me that Feministing.com supports a video with a victim-blaming rape joke – I don’t care how little a woman is wearing (or if she’s wearing nothing at all in an ad for a cause she chooses to support) – a woman never asks to be raped and the whole “I’d Rather Be Raped By An Animal Than Wear Fur” slogan is remarkably offensive and disgusting.

  • nikki#2

    You know, its supposed to be offensive and disgusting.

  • Steven

    Then you would hate this (Trigger Warning http://www.theonion.com/content/video/j_k_rowling_hints_at_harry_potter ) satirical piece.
    It basically skewers the buzz around the release of Rowling’s last book were everyone was discussing who was going to be the character that dies.
    Remember, people were discussing who they wanted to die, who deserved to die, who they wanted to do the killing, etc.
    Implicit in the video was the absence of conversation over how no one deserves to be killed, even in a fictional book, how it reinforces societal evils, etc whereas if there had been a rape scene in the novel it would have generated quite a bit outrage.
    In many states the unclassified felonies (the highest level) are reserved for murder and rape, so why does killing engender less outrage than rape? They are both absolute statements of the perpetrators self over another person.

  • aletheia_shortwave

    preciousflight, I’m sorry that this video is so upsetting to you. If you’ll notice, as the ad you’re referring to is being shown on the screen, the woman being interviewed suggests that it’s hard to believe the upcoming campaign would happen in a civilized nation.
    I think that the point of this satire was to take the (actual) PETA ads to their extreme conclusion — in order to illustrate how ridiculous all of them are. That the advertisement was victim-blaming was part of the point — because ultimately, sexualizing women in subordinated and degraded situations, as PETA actually does, contributes to the victim-blaming rape culture we, unfortunately, live in. The hypocrisy of a so-called progressive group — when it comes to supporting rape culture and the hypersexualization of women — was precisely what the video was trying to criticize.

  • Destra

    You didn’t actually miss the onion video. This is at least the 3rd time it’s been featured on the feministing main page. Not counting community posts.

  • LalaReina

    I’m not going to pretend to know what goes on in the PETA folks head, it’s like they just strive on offending me.

  • Doug S.
  • davenj

    Great link, Doug. I especially like how it delves into how we determine food insecurity in surveys.

  • Gopher

    Yeah, I agree, even pragmatically its just not good PR.

  • Gopher

    I see your point even if it was meant as a joke to show how PETA undermines women and would probably put out a poster like that.

  • Gopher

    This part:
    “By downsizing reporting staffs and ramping up less expensive journalism based on trivia, sensationalism and press releases, they were able for years to maintain boomtime profits”
    of the article explained so much. This is why we have a crap media and I think this is why the internet division happened. They weakened the system and then the internet sprang up and people capitalized on it.

  • Marc

    Given Glenn Beck’s recent sexist comments, this one is a classic.

  • getsickk

    Oh, The Onion, how you have severely failed with satire on this one.

  • Nepenthe

    Because it isn’t common for murderers to get off by saying that the victim wanted it. Because police take homicide seriously. Because no one in the media argues that it’s okay to kill people based on what they’re wearing. Because murder doesn’t touch the property of men (women’s virginity) like stranger rape does.
    You choose.

  • meeneecat

    Precious, yeah, I agree, I’m a survivor and I didn’t appreciate it either. Even though it’s supposed to be “satire” or whatever, the PTSD still automatically elicits a “sick to my stomach response” within me. It’s not something that I can help just by telling myself it’s supposed to be funny. In my opinion, I don’t think rape jokes are ever funny, let alone one with an accompanying picture of a bloodied and mauled woman. I wish I never watched that video.

  • Suzann

    Yes – a very good article – and without seeing the questions I might have had a a very severe mental disconnect between what ‘hunger’ means in common parlance and what it means in that survey. (A good reason why all articles should include real data.)
    Having read it I realize how utterly useless those questions are. (At least as written.) Ignoring all the failures that are inherent in self-reporting.)
    I this past year I have indeed:
    1) Gone for a day without food. ( Fasting for spiritual/health reasons. Plus one day with really bad airline luck.)
    2) Bought less of some foods because of the cost. (Last week, in fact. Have you PRICED live lobster this month?)
    3) Had times without access to balanced meals. (Come in late to a hotel on a business trip, and you will be lucky if there are stale cookies in the vending machine.)
    None of these are indications that I am ‘starving’. In fact, most of the mundane world would tell me I have a few too many pounds.
    For real information we have to ask about nutrition and calories, education and cooking resources, and from observation ( and from comments on this very site) that can be as much a problem of access as it is a problem of cash.

  • Steven

    You have never heard of someone’s murder being dismissed as a occupational hazard, or because they were with the wrong crowd, or because they wore the wrong colors (motherfuker should not have worn purple) , or it was their fault for not just doing what the burglar wanted?
    They should not have taken that short cut through that park. Should have known better than going to that bar. That was the chance they took?
    None of those excuses for someone’s murder sound familiar at all?