Call to action: Lovely Ladies with Body Hair!

Hey, Feminists!

As some of you may be aware, it is No-Shave November! A time for hilarious, punny hair-growing as the winter months approach…

Well, on Facebook I noticed that all the pictures of No-Shave November’s event page were of men with beards! So, since I knew that many women were taking part in No-Shave November, I wanted to provide some lady representation and posted a picture of a woman proudly showing off her underarm hair.

Here’s the response from the host:

“The reason I didn’t post any pictures of ladies with beards or hair is because they are not supposed to participate in no shave November. its in the fine print in the laws of many holidays… look it up on wikipedia… please dont post anymore pictures of disgusting ladies with hair ANYwhere but their head. Thanks I specifically didn’t invite girls to join the event…”

So… I think you know what to do, right?

You can find the link to the Facebook event here and the event ID is 129102168636. It’s a global event so hopefully people can post pictures as much as possible!


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  • Kimberly

    They’re requiring approval to join and the event has been made private. It might be better to start your own for next year.

  • Deborah

    Wow. Just wow.
    If I was hairy enough I would totally send in a picture of myself.

  • bzzxz

    Forget armpit hair, I’m gonna grow some muttonchops.

  • Charybdis

    whoever creates this new group should call it the READ No-Shave November Facebook page :)

  • feckless

    Does No-Shave November equal Movember?
    ( )

  • Sabriel

    Oh, hey! I was participating in No-Shave November without even realizing it! I feel like I just won a game I didn’t even know I was playing!
    Now if only I could say the same about National Novel Writing Month (also Novemeber).

  • kandela

    Surely only Isaac Asimov would ever consider writing a whole novel inside a month.

  • Athelas

    Oh, I wish I’d known about this! I did my own no-shave May and June earlier this year, but I gave up because of all the stick I got for being ‘disgusting’… with the solidarity of a specific month for it, I might’ve carried on. Maybe some time in the future I’ll try that little experiment again!

  • LurkinMerkin

    I would totally have submitted some photos! I love my body hair. Athelas, you should definitely give it another try. Once you get used to having underarm hair, it just seems weird not to anymore.

  • keelyjean

    So I have not been shaving my armpits for over a month now. Recently I visited my sister (who does not fully understand but supports and accepts my “differentness”)in Florida, and I have recently shaved them due to constant remarks from my family members. Thank goodness my boyfriend LOVES them! If I would have known about this wonderful new monthly celebration I would have not given into the razor and kept ‘em goin’! Eh, in a week or so I know I feel myself again… and I will take pictures regardless of the month.
    By the way, just to let all of us hairy females out there know… we must love and embrace our naturalness and never give in (and yes, I have been one of those to) to those who may look at us weird or think we are “disgusting.” Hey, we’re all feminists here… unfortunately, it’s inevitable for us to be a bit “weird.”
    Happy Hairy Holidays!!