What We Missed: Holiday Weekend Edition

Feministing will be on a hiatus for the holiday weekend and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled posting on Monday. Enjoy the long weekend folks!
Want some interesting reading about reproductive justice for your travels this weekend? Download the Fight For Reproductive Freedom newsletter from the Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program of Hampshire College.
The Progress Report has 27 (tongue and cheek) reasons to give thanks this holiday season.
New guidelines from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology say that women under 30 should start getting pap smears three years after sexual activity, or at age 21 and only every other year. Women over thirty should get them every three years.
Some more detail about the health care bills and what they might mean for abortion coverage from the Center for American Progress.
According to Feministing community blogger paperispatient, Method has taken down this offensive video ad from their website.

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  • AndyLC

    Yep, Method is sending this message to folks who contacted them concerning the Shiny Suds video:
    Dear Andrew
    Thank you for your sincere feedback about our “Shiny Suds” video. It was not at all our intent to offend or promote any form of harassment. We understand the concerns associated with our video and are removing it from YouTube and all other controlled sources.
    Method is a group of women and men who care about our planet, but first and foremost about people. Our intent in this campaign was to raise awareness for transparency in cleaning product ingredients, to which we remain committed.
    We continue to learn and we appreciate the fact that you took the time to reach out to us.
    Our sincerest thanks,