Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah: National Women’s Studies Association Conference

**Also, something I didn’t mention-a shout out to my undergraduate adviser at the Women’s Studies Department at SUNY Albany, Vivien Ng, who I saw after 10 years and facilitated me in finding my feminist courage to speak on intersectionality.

This weeks Friday Feministing Fuck Yeah goes out to the National Women’s Studies Association Conference which was last weekend in Atlanta, GA and I was there with Miriam and Courtney, and we have a really good time. I had a really transformative experience this year meeting several really well known feminist theorists that have influenced my work over the years including Angela Davis, Kimberle Crenshaw and Chandra Talpade Mohanty. If you haven’t read any of their work please check it out as soon as possible. This years theme was intersectionality, which is a theme that is very close to my heart and very much at the core of the work we seek to do at Feministing and I myself seek to do in my academic work and in my professional work at Feministing. There was a lot of talk about ways to integrate intersectionality into the different kinds of work we can do as feminists and really moving to this understanding that we are all located at different places and how we can bring that to a collective feminist consciousness.
So to had the opportunity to really think about that and being around young people that are really engaged in this topic was invaluable. I am so thankful for all the academic feminists that came before me and cleared the ground for me to do the work I do now. So fuck yeah to the NWSA and thank you so much for continuing your commitment to academic feminism and bridging the divide between gender, race, sexuality, ability, age, gender identity and feminism. Without that work we would have nothing to build off of, so fuck yeah.

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