If these boobs could talk…

Transcript available at Shakesville.
They would probably say, “Fuck You Reebok.” Outside of the idea that ladies like to buy sneakers not to run and be active but to make their ass smaller – the talking titties really have to go. Presenting women as no more than disembodied body parts (most often sexualized body parts) is Feminism 101 – it’s dehumanizing and sexist. Also, it’s not clever or original. Remember this one?

Or this, this, and this?
So ya, enough already. Women are actual whole people, and if you want us to buy their products perhaps companies should start portraying us as such.
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  • Wonderwall

    F Reebok and these shoes! It doesn’t even look like they’d be good for DOING anything in. Looks like the design that tones you would also break your ankle if you are doing any sort of agility sport.
    The Nike ads don’t actually bother me. Yeah, they have the disembodied body part thing going on, but the text is about being active and accepting yourself – so I’m all for that.
    The Guinness ad, on the other hand, makes me depressed, angry, frustrated, and just wanting to punch the Guinness ad team in their stupid faces with all the pokey rings on that I can get.

  • Nona

    Or this!
    That Guinness commercial is seriously nauseating.

  • tulin

    Not to mention the conversation between the boobs is completely vapid and based on the assumption that all women want to be stared at, ogled, and harassed. And seriously, the male voice-over? “Make your butt jealous…” Do we really need another man telling us we need to be hotter? Come on.
    Also, that Guinness commercial did not set sit well with my morning coffee. Completely dehumanizing.

  • theology_nerd

    I agree…the male voice-over made it extra-sleazy. This commercial is awful: it’s creepy, it’s an insult to women’s intelligence, and it’s just plain uncreative! (Although I do remember thinking that the “I’m Coming Out” commercial was catchy back when it originally aired…that must have been what, 10 years ago?)

  • Gopher

    And why is the womens ‘boob voices’ sound shallow and superficial?

  • Gopher

    I have to say though that I found the second commercial to be a bit humorous and less overtly sexist than the former.

  • ShareseL

    I wrote this email to corporate@reebok.com:
    To Whom it May Concern:
    I would like to take this time to let you know that I find your new commercials for easy tone shoes for women offensive. 1) sexualizing and fetishizing women’s body and not giving them a face let alone a voice is both degrading and dehumanizing. 2) The idea of eighty percent of men being “speechless” and seventy some odd percent of women being jealous of you as a reason to buy shoes is simply perpetuating the stereo-type of women being catty and mean to each other in order to gain attention of men. This is very outdated and frankly a pathetic attempt to coerce women into buying your product- please try to be more creative next time. Finally, the commercial with the breasts talking about how jealous they are of the woman’s butt goes back to to the two former points that I have already made but also the way in which you portray these “women’s” voices is downright offensive “stupid butt” I am not sure if your clientele are supposed to be individuals with the vocabulary of a 5th grader or if whoever came up with this ad literally thinks that this is how women actually talk.
    Again, I implore you to be more creative and less stereo-typical and degrading with your advertising (it has all been done before). Until then, your ads are offensive and I will not be buying any reebok products and will be informing my friends and family how I feel and asking that they do the same.
    Please write letters to these comanies telling them that it is NOT ok to depict women like this!

  • femirita

    This reminds me of the women I went to high school with because I feel like they would probably buy these shoes just because they “tone your ass”. So I’m kind of sad.

  • Gopher

    When I first saw this ad I thought it was selling something to men. This completely reminds me of the article in the communities section about mens gaze and sexuality being constructed around a male perspective even in regards to a womans own sexuality.

  • prettyinpink

    OMG I can’t believe Guinness really did that!! How did they get away with such dehumanizing bullshit!

  • Gopher

    I agree. The last one seems more like sexual assault because its so dehumanizing.

  • jellyleelips

    That bra doesn’t even fit. Does anyone else notice that the bras women wear in advertising are deliberately too small to push the breasts together? If I had a bra that fit like that I would, you know, not have bought it in the first place.

  • Toongrrl

    My titties say: shut up Reebok!

  • yamiblue990

    this reminds me of why i hate so many ads. it’s disgusting how they think that using disembodied parts will get us to buy it. why couldn’t it have just been one of the other shoe brands instead? they make the only sneaker i’ve found that doesn’t give me blisters on a constant basis, so it’s more sad to see this from them since otherwise their a better company then nike.

  • joanneod

    That Guinness advert is totally objectifying and dehumanising. Disgusting.

  • Lilith Luffles

    I feel so bad… I bought Reebok shoes for work right before this commercial came out : (
    I hate the commercials they play between episodes of Wife Swap on lifetime! Unfortunately, this is one of them.

  • Sloppy Sandwich

    In defense of a fine Irish beverage, I read they didn’t make the ad, the ad company did and Guiness didn’t approve it, it’s never been shown on TV, only leaked on the interwebz.

  • aletheia_shortwave

    Those talking belly buttons are going to give me nightmares.

  • JessicaPadkin

    I just got home after being harassed in the street by a particularly loud and obnoxious pair of dickheads. I walk to and from work every day, so I have to put up with this on a daily basis– the same kind of humiliating, dehumanising, frustrating attention this ad claims I should be enjoying!
    If these shoes really do increase your chances of getting harassed, ogled and stared at, they’re the shittiest shoes ever made. What’s next Reebok, Cancer Boots?

  • prettyinpink

    Good to know, thanks!

  • Lucy Gillam

    Oh, please let that be true!

  • Alessa

    Is it wrong that I thought the Nike ad was all right? The guinness ad pissed me off so much.

  • MissLizzy

    I have also written my own letter (see below) and have borrowed ShareseL’s final paragraph because it was so well expressed. Write your own letter too, guys!
    To Whom it May Concern:
    As a young person who does a lot of walking and labor-intensive work as part of my job, I have always enjoyed using a pair of Reeboks–they are comfortable, last through whatever I happen to be doing, and are decently priced. The last pair that I purchased have lasted me over two and a half years.
    However, as a woman, I am extremely offended by your advertisements for your “EasyTone” shoes, especially the most recent one that involves two breasts complaining (in vapid voices) about “that stupid butt down there.” The breasts also complain that “Nobody is staring at us anymore. Aren’t we still hot?”
    With all due respect, are you out of your minds? Do the women who work for your company have any say in how you choose to advertise your products? I find it incomprehensible that no one stopped to consider how dehumanizing this commercial is. The woman’s face is never shown, she never speaks, and her bending down while wearing white underwear is the ultimate off-putting moment. Her bra does not even fit correctly–it is too small for her, creating a caricature of what a real female’s breasts look like.
    I implore you to be more creative and less stereotypical and degrading with your advertising (it has all been done before). Until then, your ads are offensive and I will not be buying any Reebok products and will be informing my friends and family how I feel and asking that they do the same.

  • SilverAeris

    That Guinness commercial seriously made me feel like I was going to throw up a little in my mouth. And the title “Best Guinness Commercial Ever!!” with its almost 5 star rating. Gross.

  • Tabs

    I don’t think so. The Nike ad was alright! (Or so I think.) — They are just shots of body parts, but the ads are in the voices of women and they’re proud they don’t fit into the stereotypical, very confined categories of what a woman is “supposed” to look like (i.e. dainty and fragile). I especially liked the “Leave men out of this.”

  • AnnaPow

    I gaped at the first four, but that GUINNESS COMMERCIAL! Eww eww eww ewwity eww! So, wait, They’re all doing her at once, AND they’re using her as a holder for their drink? EWW! NOT OK! Oh, and by the way, Guinness, “Share one with a friend” is NOT an ok slogan. She is not being “used” or “shared”.We can only hope she is participating in a consensual act of reciprocal pleasure! (though the fact that they are putting their beer on her somehow makes me doubt that.)

  • Jen

    What I find equally depressing is that Lifetime airs ads like this. So, you have a channel “for women” that airs the same sexist crap as all the other channels. Blegh.

  • Jen

    The fact that she’s completely unresponsive and motionless makes me think there’s not a whole lot of “pleasure” in it for her. Either it’s the most boring group sex evar, or she’s not even awake.
    In other words, completely fucking disturbing.

  • nella

    Maybe could have had some kind of warning attached to that Guinness ad link. That was really upsetting.

  • gab

    I HATE these commercials! I haven’t watch the Guinness one yet (going to in a sec), but I posted about this on my Twitter almost 2 weeks ago. And they’re still being aired :/
    I saw the new Victoria’s Secret commercial upsetting, too. Most of those commercials just make me roll my eyes, but it’s the phrasing that upset me the most. When describing how these new bras can give you 2 cup sizes (omg so important!) the female voice over says: “get used to the attention, bombshell.” Uh, I don’t want to get used to sexual harassment, thanks.

  • R. Dave

    “Presenting women as no more than disembodied body parts (most often sexualized body parts) is Feminism 101 – it’s dehumanizing and sexist”
    I guess I’m a couple days late to this thread, but figured I’d chime in on the off chance anyone’s still reading. I don’t get the objection to “disembodied body parts” as a general matter. Seems to me it’s way the body part is presented that determines whether or not it’s dehumanizing and/or sexist.
    For instance, I agree that the Reebok ad was sexist and degrading, but because of the bubble-headed voice-over, not the focus on the woman’s breasts. I don’t see why focusing on them would be more objectionable than, say, focusing on a beautiful smile, beautiful hair, or beautiful eyes. Thinking that sexual body parts are more objectionable than non-sexual body parts just strikes me as an example of our society’s unfortunate perception of sexuality being inherently dirt/degrading.