Not. Okay.

*Strong trigger warning*

I’m sorry, but how the fuck could a game titled, “Hit the Bitch” be anti-violent?
Apparently the game was created by a Danish anti-violence organization, and allows the user to use either their mouse or hand (through the webcam) to hit this woman virtually enough times to the point where she is so bloody and bruised that the screen tells the person they’re a “100% Idiot” and gives some information about intimate partner violence. I don’t really care what words you throw out after the game is over – the main message is the game and that message is straight up glorifying violence against women. Jill has more.
If you think this campaign is more damaging that it is advocating, email the organization that created the game and tell them so.

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  • FTWomen

    FYI, I couldn’t get the “email” link to work, though you can get it by going to the organization’s website.

  • Vanessa

    Thanks for pointing out, I’ll fix that.

  • MisukoB

    What the effing eff!? I don’t understand, anti-violence? I agree, this is glorifying violence against women. Effing disgusting in every way! It makes me so angry and disgusted.

  • DeafBrownTrash

    Sadly, some guys will love this game. So at least, after these morons are done playing the game, they’ll get the message– 100% IDIOT. But will that really send a message through their empty heads?

  • Icy Bear

    Uh, would it be possible for you put that picture behind a jump and after the trigger warning? Or at least after the trigger warning…

  • Chad

    This is completely insane, and a complete perversion of any principles I’ve ever heard of regarding using social media for work on social issues. My only hope is that this is an unauthorized product that a developer posted online prior to receiving approval from their client… the core problem then being with the developer and not with a supposed anti-violence organization that thinks this is a good idea. Either way, someone needs to get fired.

  • Nelly Tay

    I played the game myself, and it’s very disturbing. But I think that it makes sense for a campaign based on shock value. That still doesn’t mean it isn’t in VERY bad taste.

  • Brittany

    I just played the game…it really horrified me. She becomes more emotional and bloody the more you hit her, but I also noticed that each time you hit her, on the meter you become less of a “pussy” and more of a “gangsta”. Despite the fact that the insult is yet more shaming against a woman’s genitals, a man that hits/abuses a woman should become MORE of that word, not less.

  • MySpoonIsTooBig

    There needs to be a “screamer” at the end of this, something to give the guys enjoying it a heart attack. I normally wouldn’t want to inflict a screamer on anyone (I was victim to the “jingle bells backwards” one *shudder*) but in this case, it might be more satisfying than just have “You Idiot” at the end.

  • materialtruth415

    So I don’t know what the hell I was thinking, but I went and played the game, too. Two hits and I felt too ill to do it again. It is so realistic (to someone who never plays video games) and disgusting. And I agree the “gangsta/pussy” rating is totally unbelievable. This is so, so, so gross. The worst part is how upset she gets. It makes sense, of course, but it would be less upsetting if she got angry. Who the hell gets off on that shit? It’s the same thing you see in that Jessica Alba trailer someone posted a few days back. Ugh. This, honestly… I wish it were illegal.

  • feckless

    I am not sure I get the critique.
    When I was a kid I used to watch the “campy” Batman, A-Team and Bud Spencer & Terence Hill movies. Violence was portrayed in a good light then. Nobody was hurt and the good guys always won. Violence was portrayed in a “fun” way. As far as I understood that was gloryfying violence.
    If we look at anti-violence campaigns, most of those always used a shock treatment to show people the ugly face of violence it usually has to be shocking and disturbing.
    Looking back at this game, do you think the portrayal of violence in that game is more problematic than say “Grand Theft Auto” where you can actually kill and are rewarded (bodies leave money behind) for doing so?

  • FTWomen

    I’m not sure “glorifying” violence is the best way to describe it either, but it definitely desensitizes it. Either way, very bad news.
    I do have a serious issue, though, with the claim that “to show people the ugly face of violence it usually has to be shocking and disturbing.” I don’t see how we need to appropriate battered women’s sense of shame and terror in order to learn that violence is wrong. Even if that WERE the case, showing someone an image of a brutally beaten woman (like the Rihanna police photo) is a far cry from presenting someone with digital woman, and suggesting they use a disembodied hand to beat the hell out of her, all to learn a “message.” In fact, the disembodied hand makes the crime LESS personal, because (unless you’re sick enough to use the webcam feature) it’s not YOU hitting the woman, it’s just this hand.
    And finally, I think Grand Theft Auto sucks too. We shouldn’t have to choose between which is “more” problematic; both games are a serious affront to women’s dignity and safety.

  • allegra

    Really, this is so wtf, it’s like … How the FUCK do people get “anti-violence” out of this? *#$^*&@?
    It seems we have an organization here that doesn’t understand that the messages carried in images are often more powerful and immediate than those offhandedly calling you “an idiot” at the end. It ignores the fact that people are so inundated by and desensitized to violence, even graphic images of gratuitous violence, that this wouldn’t stir any “special” feelings of shame, pity, regret, or horror any more than watching fucking _Saw III_ would stir them. This is not “shocking” or “disturbing”; this is everyday fare. This is NBC 8 o’clock. It does not stir shame because COMMITTING VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, either virtually or literally, IS STILL NOT REALLY SHAMEFUL in patriarchal cultures.
    I guess it’s an interesting attempt, but it’s just not the right technique to force the necessary introspection and discomfort. This doesn’t cause discomfort at all, and that’s what people REALLY need to be feeling.

  • aleks

    “anti-violence” must be a mistranslation.

  • Gopher

    That doesnt make sense. Those were good guys beating up bad ones. This is a bad guy beating up a good one. The only way it would be like the A Team is if the woman kicked the beaters ass (or more hopefully the idiot who created this stupid game).

  • asseenontv

    Pretty disgusting.
    People who don’t like the game are already disinclined to hit women. And guys that like hitting women would enjoy the game. So I’m not sure what the point is.

  • Paul

    What is she saying? I think that as disturbing as the game is in a language that I don’t speak, I think it would be woefully depressing if I knew what she was saying.

  • kat

    You might still disagree (and I do think there is a point to be made for that as well), but to be fair to the campaign, you need to know what is being said as well.
    The woman enters the screen, and speaks about her evening out. In response to an imaginary question from the player, she answers that of course she was dancing with someone, and that the player (the boyfriend) cannot decide who she will or will not dance with. then the voice over says something like: you have no control over your girl, maybe a few slaps with help.. And then you enter the game with the swinging hand. The girl is saying “insults” to the player, (such as: you are weak, you asshole; is that really the hardest you can hit me?; the only thing smaller than your dick is your IQ; if you say that I’m ugly, what does that make you? The guy who is with the ugly girl?), in this setting “provoking” him to hit her. Obviously, the “gansta” rating is meant ironically: the young people who it is targeted at are probably thinking that hitting the girl will improve the gangsta rating, but after the game we see that it is actually an idiot rating. The voice over says: You are an idiot, there are no excuses to hit women! You lost the game the moment you raised your hand. So look for help before it is to late.
    Then we see the woman (very realistically) lying on the floor crying. And there is more information about domestic violence giving, with lots of links. It says that 2 girls in every schoolclass (from about 12 to 18) are in a violent relationship — making it clear that young people are targeted by the add. And says that if you are a victim in a violent relationship or are one of those who uses violence, you should look for help (through this website, there is a link).
    I like the provocative method, I think it could shape bpeople up. Yes, it is disgusting, but that is the whole point they are trying to make.
    The only bad thing about the website is that there is no way to get out of the game. You should be able to click somewhere if you don’t want to hit the girl anymore. Now you have to keep hitting her to get to the information page.

  • blue

    I feel sick after seeing this.

  • Kat

    Players do get rewarded for beating her more. There is a scale ranging from “pussy” to “gangsta,” and the more a player hits her, the closer they move along the scale to gangsta.

  • Toongrrl

    What the fuck!!!

  • Jassy

    If this is supposed decrease violence then bigfoot does exist!!!