EasyTone Ads are ‘Unique, fun and bold’

I e-mailed Reebok at this address corporate@reebok.com with my concerns about their new campaign for EasyTone shoes, which has the slogan:

88% of men are speechless. 
76% of women jealous.
EasyTone helps you get better legs
and a better butt with every single step.

Apparently Reebok was unconvinced by my opinion. They wrote back the following:

Hello Warren,

Thank you very much for your feedback.  All consumer feedback is helpful, as it provides us with an understanding of the public perception and opinion of our products and marketing. 

The Reebok EasyTone ads were created to clearly illustrate the unique benefits of the footwear in a fun and bold way.  The feedback we have received tells us that many consumers look at the ads in exactly that light, however we acknowledge that some consumers do take exception with the content of the ads.

You can be assured that your feedback will be relayed directly to our marketing team. 

Reebok Corporate Communications

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