TG Vloggers

With the storm of transgender posts lately, I thought I’d point interested parties in the direction of transgender vloggers on YouTube. YouTube is FULL of absolutely fantastic transgender vloggers who are talking. They’re telling their stories. They’re sharing with the world the rewards and struggles of what it’s like to be transgender. AND they will more often than not, answer your questions (if you ask politely) because they have chosen to put themselves out their to increase visibility, raise awareness and educate. Some of my favorite channels are TrannystarGallactica, Grishno, MighTierMenFTM, Transjosh, freshlycharles, MensRoomFTM, DefineGender and TMatesFTM. The last one is a collaborative channel made by the partners of transmen and they share their experiences on what it’s like to date an FTM– they answer viewer questions and even take topic requests!

To get you started, here is a video by SamanthaZero34 addressing what she terms “The Dick Association.”

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