New campaign for HIV testing targets African American men

“Status is Everything”: These are the words repeated in the new HIV testing campaign to be launched by the Newark, NJ African American Office of Gay Concerns (AAOGC).
The website is not functional yet, as the campaign will be revealed on December 1, 2009, and officially launched in January 2010, but their preview photo shoot for the advertising campaign was released on flickr this week.
Photos feature young gay African American men with the caption “Status is Everything,” and the ad campaign will refer viewers to a hotline and website where they can schedule free HIV testing at local clinics.
Not found in this campaign, however, is the need for a cogent campaign that’s inclusive of young women of color. In 2007, blacks accounted for 44% of the 455,636 people living with AIDS in the 50 states and District of Columbia. And as Advocates for Youth reports,

Black women and Latinas account for 79 percent of all reported HIV infections among 13- to 19-year-old women and 75 percent of HIV infections among 20- to 24-year-old women in the United States although, together, they represent only about 26 percent of U.S. women these ages.

One idea that has circulated this year accuses black men on the “down low,” that is, closeted black men who have sexual exposure to other men while dating women, of contributing to the HIV epidemic and women’s infection rates in the US. Yet, the director of the Centers for Disease Control’s National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD and TB Prevention, Kevin Fenton, concluded that the cause of increased infection rates among black women was instead the incidence of black men with multiple heterosexual partners. He cites data that shows a lack of bisexual self-identification among the community of HIV-positive black men. (Is it possible that the accusation that “down low” men spread HIV is an extension of the race-fueled trend of the feminization of black men?)
This advertising campaign, while potentially powerful in the gay male community, won’t help the black women who comprise 61 percent of all new HIV cases among women.
One thing is certain: Newark’s new campaign, while not targeted toward the women affected most by HIV, is a nice change from other disturbing HIV advertising we’ve seen.

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  • Hyper

    an extension of the race-fueled trend of the feminization of black men
    This is new to me. I’m used to seeing the opposite trend, of hyper-masculinization and hyper-sexualization of black men.
    Could you talk a little more about the feminizing trend please? That kind of reversal is interesting.

  • jenpalex

    FWIW, CDC has recently had (not sure if it’s currently going) a very large, national campaign encouraging black women to be tested for HIV: “Take Charge, Take the Test”. It makes perfect sense from a social marketing and public health standpoint not to mix up the two different audiences.

  • HR

    Why would the African American Office of Gay Concerns make an HIV testing campaign that includes gay women more to the point why would a historically GLB organization make a campaign that has anything to do with straight women?
    Gay women are at low risk for HIV. Most of the AAOGC’s funding is for MSMs (men who have sex with men) hence why men are featured. Why would a nonprofit for gay people feature a low-risk demographic in their advertisements? Plenty of other nonprofits get the funding to do exactly that and target straight (behaving) women of color in ther HIV testing advertisements? Why go after one small nonprofit for targeting specifically who they are supposed to and are funded to target? There are so many campaignslaunching now that address the rising rates of HIV in black swomen (the vast majority of whom contract HIV through heterosexual sex).
    This post is stupid.

  • HR

    Additionally – 60-70% of new HIV infections are among MSMS, overwhlemingly MSMS of color, and this organization is doing excellent work in that community… so great job giving them bad press for doing precisely what they should be?

  • HR

    Additionally – 60-70% of new HIV infections are among MSMS, overwhelmingly MSMS of color, and this organization is doing excellent work in that community… so great job giving them bad press for doing precisely what they should be?

  • Sex Toy James

    How dare the African American Office of Gay Concerns create a campaign targeted at gay African Americans! Scandal and outrage!
    This seems to be a not uncommon format, the “[insert group here] is doing [something] that does not address [the issue that the poster is concerned about]” formula. Meanwhile, the fact that the group in question has no mission to address the issue that the poster is concerned about is not really considered. If I were to play it right I could write pointless feminist outrage articles all day long using that formula. Popular media and advertising are great candidates for this formula.

  • boxedin

    I don’t have a problem with these advertisements either; in fact, I think they are a really positive step to address a community that has long been ignored by government health officials. Also, men, in general, are usually left out of the discussion about sexual responsibility. I have always felt that women were primary targets for sexual health, as women are the ones to get pregnant, and thus, responsible for not doing so. Seeing someone take action to include men in sexual health, and address a traditionally underrepresented population, is long overdue– I’m glad to see it’s finally happening!

  • jb10

    I don’t know if you can hardly blame them since all the funding is going to MSM and gay men of color! If you hadn’t heard, non-profits do what the money stream tells them to, and right now, the money goes to MSM of color!
    go figure!
    get some insight before you bash social marketing campaigns that are trying to do real work in the community.
    If you hadn’t noticed, there aren’t that many out there in the first place that are actually worthy to serve the communities that they do.

  • aleks

    Isn’t this taking WHat aboot teh menzing a little far?

  • Stephanie

    I have to agree with the majority of comments so far. This campaign is by a group interested in addressing the concerns of gay African Americans, or else very poorly named. Asking them to extend their campaign to include what I assume to be straight identified women would be like asking them to target a white audience.

  • Princess

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