Today in Feminist History

Happy Birthday k.d. Lang!
Today k.d. Lang turns 47. I’d say that’s a moment in feminist history. k.d. Lang is best known for being an openly lesbian, gender-bending Canadian singer, songwriter and musician. She is also, according to Wikipedia, known for her commitment to animal rights and vegetarianism. See after the jump for her gender-bending and oh-so controversial Vanity Fair cover from 1993, that features Cindy Crawford shaving k.d.’s face with a straight razor. Her activism has also included work on behalf of HIV/AIDS research.
One note: One thing I can’t say I love about her activism, although I support her vegetarianism, is her affiliation with PETA, the organization we criticize for their blatantly sexist, racist and overall offensive ads. She did an advertisement with them in 2006. My only hope for k.d. is that their most recent stunts (and advertising) would make her think twice about working with them again.

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  • Shy Mox

    Maybe someone needs to tell her about organizations like Peaceful Prairie or Friends Of Animals (who were pretty neat in protesting the Lettuce Ladies handing out free vegetarian burgers at KFC wearing nothing but lettuce bikinis. There’s an awesome picture of a Lettuce Lady with a guy behind her with a sign that says “Lettuce Respect Women And Animals.”)
    I find a lot of people are willing to put up with PeTA because unfortunately out of all the animal rights organizations, they have the most money and are the most visible.

  • PamelaVee

    I really like K.D. I don’t listen to much of her, but I still love “Constant Craving” and I do love animal activism!
    This isn’t going to help but I have to say it- Making half the entry about Peta is going to derail a positive post into a negative one that entails “MM I LOVE MEAT” in the comments. It happens w/o fail every time that organization is mentioned. Doing that also gives them attention which is the only thing they are looking for with their controversial stunts, so congrats on achieving their goal.

  • preciousflight

    Happy birthday to k.d. Lang! Cheers to k.d. for all that she’s done to make this world a more accepting, kinder place! *Also, I love that she is involved with PETA as they are my favorite charity.

  • uberhausfrau

    i believe she’s also done some stuff for farm sanctuary, and they are full of awesome.
    she was also the best thing about the movie “the black dahlia.”

  • cebes

    PETA’s recent stunts? Don’t be forgetful. PETA has not suddenly become extreme in the last three years. Or perhaps you missed their charming “Holocaust on Your Plat” campaign back in 2003. Here’s a refresher:

  • Miriam

    Alright folks let’s not make this thread into another battle over PETA–we’ve been there and done that before.

  • nikki#2

    Please don’t site wikipedia as a source. Oh the pain!

  • dame_elphaba

    k.d. Lang= eternal love. :) Happy birthday!

  • ohmyheavens

    I don’t want to start a riot here but how exactly is K.D. Lang a feminist. I think it is great that she is so passionate about animal rights, but has she done any work for women’s rights.
    Or are we just going with the “she’s a lesbian so she must be a feminist.” And not conforming to society’s ideals of femininity does not make one a feminist either.

  • Toongrrl

    What a great singer and lady, she sings a great duo with Roy Orbison. Did ya’ll hear about her singing “Johnny get angry”?

  • allegra

    LMFAO @ that magazine cover. Cindy Crawford, what the hell? She’s obviously more absorbed in looking sexy for teh menz than even vaguely pretending to be “shaving” k.d.