Today in Feminist History

Happy Birthday k.d. Lang!
Today k.d. Lang turns 47. I’d say that’s a moment in feminist history. k.d. Lang is best known for being an openly lesbian, gender-bending Canadian singer, songwriter and musician. She is also, according to Wikipedia, known for her commitment to animal rights and vegetarianism. See after the jump for her gender-bending and oh-so controversial Vanity Fair cover from 1993, that features Cindy Crawford shaving k.d.’s face with a straight razor. Her activism has also included work on behalf of HIV/AIDS research.
One note: One thing I can’t say I love about her activism, although I support her vegetarianism, is her affiliation with PETA, the organization we criticize for their blatantly sexist, racist and overall offensive ads. She did an advertisement with them in 2006. My only hope for k.d. is that their most recent stunts (and advertising) would make her think twice about working with them again.

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