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What We Missed.

TweetAdvocacy Group Decries PETA’s Inhumane Treatment Of Women I love the Onion. That is all. Some stats on domestic violence at giving light to the impact of Rihanna and Chris Brown. Please read Chally at Feministe on the chilling Maguindanao Massacre. Disgusting statistics about food and starvation in the United States. A must-read at [...]
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Read Courtney on the Wapo Next Pundit Competition

TweetAs usual she brings it with personal experience and feminist authority in her measured, thoughtful and generous way. Being a part of the WaPo’s contest didn’t change how I feel about the value of training women to enter public debate in greater numbers. It did, however, remind me of just how deeply the gender imbalance [...]
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ABC OK with a man who beat a woman, not OK with a man who kissed a man

TweetLast week ABC canceled Adam Lambert’s scheduled appearance on Good Morning America after he *shock* *gasp* kissed another man during his 11pm performance at the American Music Awards. But the network is going ahead with an interview with Chris Brown, who beat his then-girlfriend Rihanna (the link is to a New York Post story – [...]
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The Advocate ENDA poll FAIL

TweetJust in time for Thanksgiving, The Advocate gave transgender and gender non-conforming folks a reminder of how we’ve been screwed over by the mainstream gay community. No, I’m not grateful. The Advocate posted a poll on their website asking, “Would you support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act if gender identity protections were again taken out of [...]
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Glenn Beck on Sarah Palin, “Get back in the Kitchen.”

TweetGlenn Beck is an asshole. And I am not Sarah Palin fan, but seriously…sexism is sexism and telling someone to get back in the kitchen because they are a woman is sexism, regardless of their politics. via RawStory Beck apparently likes the idea of a Beck-Palin ticket, but a Palin-Beck ticket? Not so much. “I [...]
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