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Ann on Violence Against Women and the Legal System.

TweetCheck out Ann’s newest column at Tapped, titled The Polanksi Paradox, on some of the drawbacks to taking legal action with respect to violence against women. It’s understandable, given the prevalence of violence against women in this country, to want to push for big, systemic solutions to the problem. That is the premise on which [...]
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Personal is Political: Crying While Arguing

TweetLast night at our panel, Roxie bravely talked about a moment when she got into a big argument with her uncle about whether a woman had the capacity to be president. He was arguing that women were too emotional. She was arguing, of course, that emotion could be a fundamental tool in leadership positions. In [...]
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Feministing Fall Tour: Wheaton

TweetMy mom says I’m setting the movement back ten years when I am sexually assertive. What should I tell her? Why do you think there aren’t more men at this lecture? Why and how did you get into blogging? I feel like I have to be the spokesperson for both feminists and feminists of color [...]
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What We Missed

TweetStill don’t know what to be for Halloween? Planned Parenthood of NYC has a list of some awesome and hilarious pro-choice costumes. A Guam Archbishop says suicide bombers are better than gay people. Models promise to get naked for you if you talk to your politicians about climate change. A new bill was proposed in [...]
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Follow Up on Disability Rights Dialogue

TweetAs many of you know, a group of disability rights activists organized to call us out on our lack of coverage on disability issues and ongoing problem with ableist language at Feministing (sometimes on the part of editors, but mostly popping up in the comments sections). Some ableist language that I used in this post [...]
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