I love you, Stephen Colbert.

The funny (but not so funny) thing about this is that Rush Limbaugh has literally said something along the same vein: “If homosexuality being inborn is what makes it acceptable, why does racism being inborn not make racism acceptable?”

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  • DeafBrownTrash

    why is Rush Limp-blah still on the air?!?!

  • Phenicks

    transcript anyone?

  • FTWomen

    Stephen and Jon Stewart always demur when it comes up that they are the “most trusted” names in news for young people. But I think we should be very lucky if that is true. Just because a show is “comedy” doesn’t mean it can’t be remarkably insightful. I, for one, don’t know what I’d do without them. :)

  • Hannah

    Oh, Stephen. You’re amazing. Except I will never again be able to get a sandwich from Subway without thinking about penises.

  • cutekotori

    It may be true that racism is inborn. In the sense that people are attracted to other people who look like themselves. Its a subconscious way of discerning commonalities between one another.
    However, we as humans are inborn with lots of things. People are inborn with the capability to torture and kill. Jealousy, laziness, aggression. But we are rational beings who get to decide how we react to life experiences.

  • rhowan

    This. Also, homosexuality doesn’t hurt other people whereas racist attitudes do.
    By the way, I wasn’t able to view the clip because Comedy Central videos are only viewable in the United States. It would be good to try to link to a source that is viewable internationally, or else include the airing date (and any other available details) of the show so that those of us outside the U.S. can look it up for ourselves on sources that are available in our own countries.

  • turninnburnin3

    Folks, (Laughs, pauses, under breath says it’s impossible). Folks, I feel like the president of Iran. Nation I don’t like Washington state. First off they are putting us all in danger by trying to pop space by putting that giant needle. And now just look what their governor did. (Video: Surrounded by same sex couples and their families the governor signed a bill today that guarantees them everything but marriage. “And today we complete, we complete the rights and responsibilities for domestic partnership. So they mirror those granted to heterosexual couples under the civil marriage laws of our state.”) Stephen: Yeah they call it everything but marriage, but I say if it looks like a duck, and files a joint tax return like a duck and gets to visit it’s duck partner in a duck hospital, you might as well register at the duck pottery barn, because it is gay duck marriage. And we know, folks, we know there are gay ducks. Well thankfully, thankfully a group called Protect Marriage Washington led a petition drive to put a referendum on the ballet to overturn Everything but Marriage. And they backed it up with some chilling ads. (Video: In May 2004 gay marriage was legalized in Scandinavia. What happened? Did you know that year alone suicide rates doubled, illegal drug rates increased 19 times?)
    Stephen: Terrifying and the ad is no less terrifying cause there is no country called Scandinavia, none of the countries in Scandinavia passed gay marriage in 2004, and the stats for suicide and drug use are made up. I’ll tell you it just proves the terrible toll gay marriage has on fact checking. Well of course the gay shtoppo has now asked the state of Washington to disclose the names of everyone who signed the petition. But the conservative group that organized it wants to keep the names secret, I assume they’ll just hide the list in a place gay people will never look….at JC Penney’s. But this week the United States Supreme Court stopped the release of the petitioner’s names, but it is only a temporary reprieve folks and it brings us to tonight’s word:
    Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
    Folks, this case involves America’s most precious right: the freedom of speech. Now sure this petition effects legislation, is part of the public record, and the law says voters have the right to know who signed it, but the lawyer, the lawyer for Protect Marriage Washington James Bopp says (Shows quote.)
    Stephen; Exactly, signing a petition is a sacred trust between you and a stranger behind a folded table outside of a mall just imagine what would happen if these signatures were released. I’ll let a man with a strange name explain. (Man: Who knows where these digital copies of our personal identifiers will end up, they could end up in China.)
    Stephen: God knows what would happen if our names end up in China. Folks, Folks this is a terrible invasion of the petitioner’s privacy. If these names are released we would all than know the signers sexual orientation orientation by which I mean their orientation about other people’s sexual orientation and that is a very personal thing. Now some say hey too bad they chose to sign the petition, but folks I don’t believe It is a choice. I believe you are born believing gays don’t have the right to get married or even be joined in union. And folks the gays have no right to out these people. Now, my personal sexual orientation orientation is a matter of public record. I have said countless times gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry or get driver’s licenses or join the subway sub club, but some of these petition signers may have open minded parents who aren’t ready to except their child is intolerant. They may also not be ready to tell their co-workers that their friend Phillip isn’t just a “roommate”, but a very special someone who helps them make up facts about Scandinavia. Folks, we need to protect this persecuting minority. The only way I can see to do that is for Washington residents to vote in favor of gay domestic partnership because than no one will care who signs the petition and these people can stay in the closet that the gay people have abandoned and that’s the word. We will be right back.

  • Eneya

    The video is not available in UK.
    Any other links than that?

  • Alessa

    FUCK PROTECT MARRIAGE WASHINGTON. I’m from Seattle and I have to defend our city – we’re so damn liberal but it’s eastern washington that screws with our legal system like this! Seattle is politically awesome for the most part (you get fined for not recycling!) but east of the cascades in some areas (not all) can get pretty bad.
    Why Gregoire? Why?

  • wwufeminist

    @Alessa-Well, it’s not really Gregoire’s fault. She’s been pretty awesome when it comes to gay rights-after all, she did sign the bill. If you need somebody to blame, blame Larry Stickney of the Washington “Values” Association. He led the signature drive that got 71 on the ballot. Blame him, and then get out there and vote APPROVE to protect domestic partnerships! :)

  • Alessa

    Oh I blame him as well. I have liked Gregoire for the most part through everything, it’s just that everything but marriage is still really strange and messed up… I mean, I think Colbert got it right with that whole duck analogy

  • ladylicious

    Pure genious. Still chuckling out loud as I type this.

  • fsu

    I can’t believe an organization made and ad that dumb. Honestly, how many things can you get flat-out wrong in 30 seconds?

  • fsu

    I can’t believe an organization made an ad that dumb. Honestly, how many things can you get flat-out wrong in 30 seconds?

  • charleybrown

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. I think those that are calling it comedy and not news are the ones in love with Rush, Glenn Beck, Bill O, and Sean Hannity.
    -Charley Brown
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  • femirita

    Can anyone tell me what day this episode aired? I’m from Canada and the link won’t come up so I can watch the video so I need to search it.