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Congrats to Jessee Vasold, the first transgender homecoming queen at the College of William and Mary!
A new study on the Internet and prostitution.
Italian feminists are wiping the floor with Berlusconi.
Why did Project Runway edit out a gay relationship from the show?

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  • sara e

    I’m not a trans issues buff, but everything I’ve read says that Jessee identifies as genderqueer – isn’t that different from transgender? I would think that lumping the terms together would be… wrong.

  • bradley

    Internet fuels virtual subculture for sex trade, study finds

    And probably makes it a lot safer, too. Ah, but they didn’t study that.

    This argot may help johns and sex workers to avoid legal sanctions and any social stigma associated with participating in the sex trade, the researchers said.

    Wait a minute, you mean that prostitutes and their clients want to conduct their business in private without getting harassed, beaten up or arrested? The nerve!

    The study also said the johns place significant value on the notion that paid sexual encounters are normal and nondeviant. “These Internet communities help these individuals justify their behavior,” Holt said.

    Implicit assumption that buying or selling sex is abnormal, deviant.
    This press release reeks of sexual puritanism. I hope Jessica wasn’t citing it approvingly.

  • nestra

    Wes, half of the gay couple on Project Runway, was the second designer cut that season. They talked about the relationship on the reunion show and said that it developed after he was out of the competition. In other words, he was already off the show, so it wasn’t filmed, so there was nothing to edit out.
    Also, even if there was an attraction during the first two challenges, there are so many contestants early on that no relationships of any sort are really covered. Most reality shows are too busy bopping between the hoard of contestants to get into any drama yet. At that point, no one in the audience knows who anyone is, let alone cares about them yet.

  • alychama

    Transgender is used as an umbrella term that covers genderqueers, transsexuals, crossdressers, and transvestites. People often mistakenly use it as a synonym for just transsexuals though.

  • FW

    “In addition, the study found that the johns, in their Internet exchanges, generally perceive prostitutes as commodities rather than people.”
    I wonder how the study “found” that. I wonder if they would find the same thing if a took a page of reviews for a plumber and changed the gender identifiers and stuff…. God forbid I’d want to know how my plumber is at plumbing.
    “Puritanical” sums it up nicely.

  • TigerLily

    Plus, Season 5 was two years ago, so I don’t understand why this is a big deal now. Runway has definitely gone down hill recently, and the Carol Hannah-Logan showmance seems very forced and unnecessary and I wish they would cut that relationship out of the show as well. I watch Runway because I just want to see pretty dresses and cool clothes! Is that too much to ask for?