College police officer caught exposing himself. (Again)

Steven Wayne Turner, a (now former) college police officer at Carver Bible College in Atlanta, was arrested for exposing himself to three women that he pulled over. The kicker? This is not the first time Turner has been caught.

In September 2008, Turner resigned from the Lithonia Police Department after an internal affairs investigation found he exposed himself during a traffic stop and then lied about it, Lithonia Police Chief Willie Rosser said Monday.
“He was given the option of resigning or be terminated,” Rosser said.
Investigators opted to allow Turner resign instead of filing criminal charges against him, Rosser said.

The lack of criminal charges made it possible for Turner to get a job on a college campus – unbelievable.

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  • Melaith

    Disgusting. Although the campus police here are not much better. I once saw them force a girl to strip down in public, just because she set off the library alarm. Worst part about it was the campus officers seemed to find it amusing, giggling and smirking at the horrified girl. They also seem quite rough with the homeless around here, which IMO seems a little unnecessary, especially in the middle of the day when there’s a major bus center/subway stop in the middle of campus. I guess they’re just powertrippers here, I can say I’m not saddened though.
    Not to mention they always budge the tim hortons line, and that’s just not cool.

  • Lance

    “He was given the option of resigning or be terminated,” Rosser said.
    I’m not sure which way to jump on this– yes, in this case, the cop was bad news. I’m not sure that allowing accusations which never led to criminal charges to be a basis for denying somebody a job is good policy, though. Suppose somebody was falsely accused, driven out of a job after being found ‘guilty’ under lax internal investigation standards, and no charges were ever brought. How are they supposed to clear their name and get another job? Ask the DA to bring them up on charges so they can win an acquittal? Ask their new employer to perform a fresh investigation?

  • Melaith

    I mean can say I’m saddened, morning brainfart.

  • Juli

    This reminds me of a cop my dad told me about. He’s from a small-town, and apparently there was this cop who, when he caught them doing something “wrong,” would offer women clemency for “favors.” This mostly happened to young teenage girls who broke curfew. If the girls refused he would take them to the station. When their parents came he would often make the girls sound much worse than they were so that their parents would be really angry with them. Nobody did anything about him either.

  • alixana

    Well, potential employers who do reference checks are always in a situation where they have to determine if a candidate is a risk to hire, right? Perhaps he was fired or asked to resign for being a terrible employee who never turned things in on time – that could be a false accustation from the previous employer, but if the potential employer who does a reference check hears this, he or she may decide hiring the candidate isn’t a good risk to take.
    In this situation, “exposed himself” just takes the place of “never met a deadline” and the new employer would have to weigh the risks.

  • A female Marine

    I think the point was that if someone does something illegal charges SHOULD be filed, instead of letting them go the easy way as “punishment”.

  • cattrack2

    Agreed. Too often there’s a code for civilians & a code for cops.

  • Honeybee

    I think such judgements should be on a case by case basis. It’s not like cops are the only ones who ever get let off with just a warning. Some laws are dumb or shouldn’t apply in some cases or clearly weren’t meant to certain circumstances, etc. so some discretion is a good thing.

  • Twewi

    Cops get away with shit all the time. The only surprising thing here is that he lost his job in the first place. This asshole was caught on camera assaulting a woman with a deadly weapon after his son rear ended her. He returned to duty eight days later.