Ask Professor Foxy: How Does Pregnancy Impact My Sex Drive and Desires?

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Dear Professor Foxy,
I am six months pregnant, living with the father and very happy. We have a wonderful sex life and I feel very lucky to have the relationship and life I have. However, lately I have been puzzled by my lustful desires. When we have sex, it is no longer a romantic, intimate, drawn out affair. Before I became pregnant, we would switch sex tempos regularly. Long romantic love making on Monday and by Wednesday I would be craving being thrown against the wall, digging my nails into his back.
However, since I have become pregnant, long romantic nights of love making no longer happen due to my desire to have rough sex. I do want a romantic scene sometimes but more often than not, it’s a wild, intense, passionate fuck. We have sex more often and when we do, I am on top (due to how fabulous being on top is and my large belly) and we both get into an intense, wild frenzy of naugthy talk, pulling and many quick orgasms instead of one large one. Furthermore, while my partner satisfies me very well in the bedroom, I masturbate more often then on average, even after we have sex. I know that many women who are pregnant desire sex more but I am on a trip that I feel has no end in sight. I do miss our long romantic love making sessions but these hard ramps are giving me my fix. Is this something that will pass or am I in for the long haul? Is my pregnancy causing this desire and need for rough hanky panky or am I entering a new phase of my sexuality? If there is any advice you can give me I would greatly appreciate it.
Sexy Sue Who

Hello Sexy Sue Who –
A dear friend of mine and I were talking about what sex felt like while she was pregnant. One of her thoughts sticks out at me: “Honey, when you are pregnant, you just want to and need to fuck. Your desire is sooo strong.” And my friend is not a woman with a low sex drive. Good for you for being able to be sexual and pregnant.
Hormones impact our bodies and our desires and our sex drives. Pregnant women have stronger hormones, so a stronger desire for sex and a particular kind of sex, should not surprise us. Unfortunately in our society, pregnant women are too often seen as either asexual or sick for having sexual desires.
When a woman stops being pregnant, those hormones dive down (often one of the reasons for post partum depression) and then go back to where they were pre-pregnancy. Your sex drive and desires may very well go back as well. There is really no predictive factor. All you can do is ride it out and see where your body and desires end up.
Professor Foxy
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