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Are you an LGBT parent? Take this survey to be part of a Lawrence University research project.
The Senate Finance Committee approved it’s version of health care reform legislation today, with a yes vote from Republican Senator Olympia Snowe. It’s got no pubicpublic option. Now all the bills go behind closed doors, where congresspeople will craft one piece of legislation to be voted on.
A Ralph Lauren model was fired for being “too fat”, when she weighed in at 120 pounds and 5 foot ten inches. She was also photoshopped to the point of absurdity in a previous ad for them (see link for pic).
The National Cancer Institute now has a website exclusively for adolescents and young adults battling cancer.
Another technological advancement for detecting the date rape drug–this time it’s a coaster.
Domestic workers are at heightened risk for exploitation. This SF gate article examines why.
Sexism from liberals is no more acceptable than sexism from conservatives. Olbermann screws up big time when talking about Michelle Malkin on his show.

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