Outrage aired on HBO last night

Did anyone see the much-anticipated premiere of Kirby Dick’s new film Outrage? It’s a documentary about the hypocrisy that is closeted politicians and public figures that not only live double lives, but actively working against LGBT rights. Trailer is below.

One of the biggest targets of the film is current Florida governor Charlie Crist, as well as former U.S. senator Larry Craig and former U.S. rep Edward Schrock of Virginia. From what I could catch of it, it was pretty thought-provoking – between the questions raised around the media’s outing of gay politicians, the power folks like Craig have used to take away rights for the purpose of staying closeted, and the feelings of extreme anger (but also sadness) that the film triggers. I haven’t seen much coverage of it on the blogs yet though. What did folks think?

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  • aleks

    Is gay-baiting somehow okay if it’s of Republicans?
    Would Larry Craig have done any more or less damage to gay rights if instead of a closeted gay man he were a heterosexual who voted the same way?

  • Ori

    I saw the documentary last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m delighted that someone is finally talking about this issue.
    My only complaint is that OUTRAGE discussed mostly male closeted politicians, with little attention to female politicians who might be closeted and anti-gay at the same time. Do closeted men make up the majority of anti-gay politicians? If this is the case, I’d love to hear people’s thoughts as to why this is the case.

  • aleks

    The majority of nationally-known politicians are male, and that disparity is wider on the Red Team.

  • MarySophia

    It’s completely reasonable to focus on the blatant hypocrisy of closeted politicians who work adamantly to restrict gay rights. It illustrates that even people who believe homosexuality is literally evil cannot entirely resist their own sexuality.

  • aleks

    Using someone’s sexual orientation as a weapon is okay if that person is a hypocritical homophobe? Now, I myself enjoyed the Larry Craig disaster as much as anyone besides Jon Stewart, but at the same time it’s pretty hypocritical if we consider sexual orientation private and beyond judgment.
    Craig is such a ridiculous cartoon character it’s hard to empathize with him, but imagine the level of self-hatred and ignorance that must go into someone who is brain-washed with the idea that homosexuality is a disease and a sin and yet can’t help being gay.

  • Journalism Feminist

    I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this documentary. I’m excited to see it. I’m glad Kirby Dick is striving for accuracy in this documentary. It will be great to finally see the Republican Party’s hypocrisies exposed.

  • PeterZeroOne

    What’s funny is that Crist is up for a nomination battle with Mark Rubio for the Republican candidacy for the Senate.
    Outing Crist may be fun times for the purposes of this documentary, but it may give Rubio the push he needs to get the nomination. Rubio is a dangerous opponent for the Democrats.

  • MarySophia

    It’s possible to call someone out on his or her hypocrisy and still have empathy and compassion (even for people one might feel are “cartoon characters”). Once a person has said it’s the government’s right to police others’ sexuality, s/he has waived his/her own right to privacy in regards to sexuality.

  • Comrade Kevin

    I have honestly never understood why anyone who identifies as LGBT would want to be a Republican. Agreeing with matters like low taxation, limited government, and a strong national defense might be appealing, there is that pesky matter of not being allowed to display one’s true sexual orientation. Though I am sure that some activists think they can break the party’s homophobic attitude, they have a hard road to hoe and one that makes our routine struggles seem easy by comparison.

  • aleks

    Because gay people have other aspects to their lives than being gay. Democrats also haven’t provided all that much contrast with Republican homophobia until very recently.

  • DeafBrownTrash

    I keep wondering about that homophobic female politician from Oklahoma who said that homosexuality is disgusting…(and also made some racist remarks about Muslims, too)

  • sib710

    What outrages me is this very film. Public outings of right wing politicians are reactionary, ineffective tactics that will do nothing to advance gay rights. The burden of advancing equality and justice often rests most heavily on the shoulders of those who are oppressed, but it should not be that way. Straight people should bear just as much responsibility, if not MORE (because of their power and privilege) to fight for GLBT rights and equality. We could better invest out energy in fighting the systemic oppression that forces people into the closet, rather than demonizing policy makers whose own internalized oppression and self-hatred cause them to stay closeted and to turn their backs on their own GLBT community.

  • oddrid

    I saw it, I thought it was great. And yeah, I think they are perfectly justified in what they are doing.
    Also, I thought the production was great. The infographics were awesome!

  • aleks

    Apparently liberals get to call people homos too, if those people have bad politics.

  • oddrid

    Have you even seen the documentary?

  • aleks

    No. I have bigger things to worry about than who’s gay.

  • DalekSec

    Look at it this way: by outing these hypocritical Republicans, you directly undermine the Republicans’ intended image as the ‘straight, values-driven and pure’ party they claim to be, especially where ‘family values’ come in. Their entire image is corrupted and wrecked and when it finally collapses, it’ll take political opposition LGBT rights down with it.
    And besides that, hypocrisy that hurts so many is a heinous thing. This is the perfect punishment for it.