Why I love fall (hint: its not about the leaves)

Last week, around the first day of fall, this tweet was going around courtesy of Sinclair Sexsmith, sex blogger and gender writer.

RT @mrsexsmith: tomorrow is equinox; it’ll officially be fall, season for which my wardrobe was made. Yay sweaters & jackets!

I agreed with his tweet (strongly) and have been thinking more about how true this is as the weather has gotten steadily colder.
I love fall. It is hands down my favorite season. I do love the leaves, and the feeling of cool crisp air, and the newness of the season. But the main reason I love it is that the fall wardrobe is so much more me than any other season.
Pants, jackets, sweaters, vests. I love them all, and feel super comfortable in my fall clothing. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way about the season and clothing it brings, but for me it is definitely about gender presentation. When I dress up, I mostly wear long sleeve button down shirts and pants. Not much variety on that, regardless of the weather, so when it’s hot out I sweat a lot and am uncomfortable. I also don’t wear tank tops really, definitely no skirts or dresses for me.
I feel most comfortable–most safe even–wearing layers, sweaters over long sleeve shirts, jackets and vests. It’s also much easier to find clothing that fits with my gender presentation in the fall. Even women’s clothing is a little more gender neutral (although I mostly wear men’s clothing these days). The silhouette created by this wardrobe is also more comfortable for me, less tight fitting, more square.
H&M Tomboy Chic
Black Tie Blues

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