Why I love fall (hint: its not about the leaves)

Last week, around the first day of fall, this tweet was going around courtesy of Sinclair Sexsmith, sex blogger and gender writer.

RT @mrsexsmith: tomorrow is equinox; it’ll officially be fall, season for which my wardrobe was made. Yay sweaters & jackets!

I agreed with his tweet (strongly) and have been thinking more about how true this is as the weather has gotten steadily colder.
I love fall. It is hands down my favorite season. I do love the leaves, and the feeling of cool crisp air, and the newness of the season. But the main reason I love it is that the fall wardrobe is so much more me than any other season.
Pants, jackets, sweaters, vests. I love them all, and feel super comfortable in my fall clothing. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way about the season and clothing it brings, but for me it is definitely about gender presentation. When I dress up, I mostly wear long sleeve button down shirts and pants. Not much variety on that, regardless of the weather, so when it’s hot out I sweat a lot and am uncomfortable. I also don’t wear tank tops really, definitely no skirts or dresses for me.
I feel most comfortable–most safe even–wearing layers, sweaters over long sleeve shirts, jackets and vests. It’s also much easier to find clothing that fits with my gender presentation in the fall. Even women’s clothing is a little more gender neutral (although I mostly wear men’s clothing these days). The silhouette created by this wardrobe is also more comfortable for me, less tight fitting, more square.
H&M Tomboy Chic
Black Tie Blues

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  • ooperbooper

    Haha… You’re probably going to think I’m just being difficult now (since I already semi-disagreed on the boyfriend jean post) but I was just thinking about how I dread fall weather this morning. I battled wind and chilly air walking to my office in a skirt and I knew I would probably have to break out the two pairs of pants that I own soon. I’m with you on the sweaters though.
    It’s just that for someone who owns too many skirts and dresses to count fall means one thing:tights. They are my nemesis. It’s hard to put into words how much I hate them but they’re the thing that lets me dress in a way that lets me feel comfortable and stay warm.
    I’m not trying to be argumentative, Miriam. I just think it’s amusing that something as basic as the seasons affects our gender presentation. I know my wardrobe is probably less affected than yours is year round.

  • jeana

    I am the opposite: I look forward mainly because I can wear tights/textured hose. I would wear them now except it’s 104 where I live. Bare legs and winter fabrics feel weird to me. And those of you who live in colder climates can have coats. I really wish I could justify buying a beautiful winter coat. I’d have several. (But I don’t want cold weather.)

  • http://esssl.ebay.com/GetListings/dezignsbyzetrocjewelryandamber lagunadeb

    Fall is like comfort food, is like snuggling under a comforter with a good book, like tomatoe soup with cheese sandwiches, and like a mug of hot chocolate while blogging in jammies, and like walking on the uncrowded beach. I love Fall. Debi

  • kb

    I do love fall clothing, though interestingly for the opposite reason as you-many of my fall clothes are much more tailored, much more sleek, than any other season. and I love that. but to each their own style.

  • AlexMc

    Miriam! I feel exactly the same way. My genderqueer wardrobe is much better suited to fall temperatures. I am so ready to break out my leather jacket, vest, and boots!

  • Sibilance7

    I have always hated women’s clothes and wished that I could wear men’s clothes. I mean, I could, but my physical shape as a woman (I’m quite curvy) prevents me from achieving the look I’d want in men’s clothes. Fall sweaters, corduroys, and jackets are the closest I can get, so I love fall too!

  • ellen

    It’s finally gotten “cold” here in Atlanta (69 degrees1). . The few days where fall is slowly trickling in are my favorite. I finally wore a long-sleeved shirt today. And another great thing about fall: Sweaters are nearly as uncomfortable when you have to work a job that requires you to cover your tattoos.

  • Comrade Kevin

    I feel the same way, though I’ve been talking to a friend who is already lamenting the beginning of winter. I spring to life in cold weather where most people want to huddle indoors, whereas I wish to hibernate most in summertime. I’ve been out of step with most people many times before. *shrugs*

  • ooperbooper

    Sibilance7, I know it’s not ideal but there are ways that you can alter men’s clothing so that it will fit your curves better and allow you to get the “look” you want. I alter almost all my clothes myself but I know not everyone has the time to learn how to do that sort of thing which is why wonderful, reasonably priced tailors exist. Again, I know it sucks that you have to take your clothes to the tailor in the first place but there are ways to minimize the extra cost. First, you can always shop vintage. I find that a lot of vintage clothing is actually sturdier and easier to alter than the stuff you find in the GAP, etc. Plus, it’s (usually) cheaper. Second, if you buy things on sale when you add the cost of alteration it’s actually usually a little less than just paying the full retail for something that only sorta fits.
    Again, I don’t mean to suggest that you should have to alter your clothes. I’m just offering a solution so that you might be able to work more men’s clothes into your wardrobe.

  • daytrippinariel

    I don’t think we have fall where I live. We just have really hot, less hot, cold for two months (I guess this is winter), hot again, really hot. I don’t really like the cold season because it means I can’t wear flip flops for two months and that I have to go buy a couple long sleeve shirts to get me through. Sweaters are nice though.

  • kandela

    I love everything about Autumn. The fact that the wind picks up makes outside feel dynamic and exciting. The chill in the air is crisp and vigorous.
    I like the leaves too, I love the colours and the ominousness of the deciduous state of the trees. Now that I’m in England autumn also brings a hopeful anticipation of possible snow in the coming winter.
    And yes, I like the clothes. In autumnal weather I can wear scarves (which is a rare chance for men to accesorise), and I can wear a coat which really complements the fedora hat I usually wear.
    Autumn is so much fun. It’s forecast to get windier where I am in the next couple of days… I could make repairs to my box kite I built that’s now lying in disrepair.

  • uberhausfrau

    word. i look forward to any time i can be outside without sweating like a pig. i can turn off the AC and open the windows. and all around do the things people in normal climates do during the summer.
    from may until october i dont wear a colour darker than green or anything longer than capri pants.
    im itchin’ to get the sweaters and long sleeves out.

  • Sibilance7

    No, this is a great idea. In the past few years, I’ve learned some basic sewing skills so I can shorten my pants and sleeves because I’m really short and nothing ever fits me correctly. Right now I’m working on taking in the arms of a women’s jacket to make them more straight and less of a “bell” style. If that goes well, I’ll feel ready to take on some more complex alterations. I love the idea of finding things at vintage shops because there are a ton near my apartment, so I know I can find some inexpensive things to experiment on. Thanks!

  • Gesyckah

    5-days later…
    *Hi-fives Miriam, AlexMe, Sibilance7, and ooperbooper.* Does anyone know about any good online communities for female-bodied individuals who like to build androgynous, but fashionable, wardrobes?

  • ooperbooper

    I don’t know about anything online specifically for androgynous wardrobes but I’ve met some pretty kick-ass seamstresses through Etsy and craftzine who make some really beautiful androgynous clothes.

  • Gesyckah

    Yes, yes, this will do. Thanks.