What We Missed

Michelle Obama will be appearing on Sesame Street to teach the muppets how to garden.
The New Scientist is reporting on computer technology that could help detect early signs of domestic violence from medical records.
Finally some good news on the health care front: anti-choice amendments fail in the Senate Finance Committee. And some more awesomeness for Senator Debbie Stabenow (remember the your mom joke last week?)
One student midwife and doula took pictures of her cervix over the course of her cycle. You can see the photos here (warning: it’s graphic, although not nudity exactly). I think it’s pretty cool.
The Nation has an article about the history of sex columns in student newspapers.

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  • Tara K.

    I loved the cervical photos! What a great project. I think my favorite comment on the site was #386:
    You’re very brave. To be honest with you, all I was trying to find was the music band “Day 26? and this came up. Fortunately I found it quite entertaining and just a little bit disturbing; considering the fact that I’m a young boy. Coincidentally, I’ve just started to learn about this in school again yesterday. I will be happy to tell my teacher and mom about this article; good work!
    The fact that a young boy (whatever age he is) would learn about the female anatomy through a site like this and think it was cool and want to share it with his mom and teacher is just awesome. I think I lurve this kid. And the student who made the project, of course.

  • Athenia

    I am SO in love with Debbie Stabenow!

  • Lydia Encyclopedia

    Can I say that I am really really, really proud to see the University of Montana mentioned in that Sex columns article? I was crossing my fingers that it would be, since last year’s Bess Sex column was such a huge scandal to that law professor.
    Yay to my University! :)

  • ellen

    i loved these photos! it’s a great way to show woman honest photos of what their bodies look like. if only there were more artists like this!

  • Marc

    Oh, boy! Michelle Obama on Sesame Street? But isn’t that sort of like, you know, brainwashing children into beleiving liberal ideas? First they want to make speeches to your children about staying in school, and then they had the children sing a song about the president, and now they’re taking over Sesame Street?
    What will those liberals do next to indoctrinate children?!?!?

  • ladybeethoven

    I am so happy that Debbie is my Senator and will eagerly help re-elect her in 2012!