Keep your “boyfriend jeans” away from my four year old

I’ve noticed a trend in recent years, for stores like Gap and Old Navy to introduce baggier style jeans for women and call them “Boyfriend” jeans. You know, like you just slipped on a pair of your male lover’s pants and look how great they look on you? But let’s be clear, you don’t actually want to wear men’s pants. Since wearing men’s clothing might make people think you’re a lesbian (which you’re obviously not), let’s make sure everyone knows you are just trying your boyfriend’s jeans on.
I have much more to say about gendered clothing and the difficulties of finding clothes that don’t stick strictly to norms about gender, but I have a different issue to take on here.
Apparently boyfriend jeans are not just for adult women anymore. Gap now has “boyfriend” jeans for young girls, all the way down to age 4.

The must-have boyfriend jean with the comfy-cool style you’re little fashionista loves, made just for her. Add ballet flats and a soft T for a sweet look, you’ll both adore.

Not only do four year olds not need boyfriends, they don’t need weird labeling so they can wear baggy jeans, or whatever else Gap thinks these jeans need to labeled for.

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