GirlDrive the book is out

Two years after Nona Willis Aronowitz and the missed Emma Bee Bernstein hit the road for a journey across the country and into the minds of young women on the many states and forms of feminism, their book on their findings has been released. Here’s the description:

What do young women care about? What are their hopes, worries, and ambitions? Have they heard of feminism, and do they relate to it?
These are just a few of the questions journalist Nona Willis Aronowitz and photographer Emma Bee Bernstein set out to answer in Girldrive. In October 2007, Aronowitz and Bernstein took a cross-country road trip to meet with the 127 women profiled in this book, ranging from well-known feminists like Kathleen Hanna, Laura Kipnis, Erica Jong, and Michele Wallace, to women who don’t relate to feminism at all. The result of these interviews, Girldrive is a regional chronicle of the struggles, concerns, successes, and insights of young women who are grappling–just as hard as their mothers and grandmothers did–to find, define, and fight for gender equity.

Check out their blog (which documented their adventures) for more info and to buy the book.

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  • Betti

    Yay! I was interviewed by Nona and Emma back in Memphis a loooong time ago, on the tail end of their trip. So glad to hear it is now out.
    Also just checked out their website…seems that they updated it from the old blogspot one!

  • Auriane

    I bought a copy on Amazon, and I love this book! If you want to feel inspired by the state of feminism and humans in general, this is a great find.

  • Nona

    Thanks for the shoutout, Vanessa! Girldrive was released super-in advance of its official launch date…I’m still in shock it’s out right now. Feministing readers, please feel free to submit your own story to I’m trying to continue the conversation started by our road trip for as long as possible!

  • Nona

    P.S. Feministing ladies Jessica and Courtney also make a cameo in the book!