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More health insurance company FAILS. This time, Think Progress reports that Blue Cross Shield denied a woman’s claim because they said her bleeding nipple was not an emergency. If that’s not an emergency, I’m not sure what is.
In good news, a decision to close the Philadelphia Public Library System has been reversed by the State Legislature.
Some follow-up to Ariel’s post about the UC Walkout, from SF Gate and the NYTimes. In short, there was huge participation. Stay tuned to see what the outcomes are.
Happy Friday folks!

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  • JamesXL

    You’d think they’d be scrambling over each other to save the boobies.
    I guess a boobie that carries imperfections (one that is already bleeding) isn’t worth saving in their eyes.

  • aleks

    My mom and sister are nurses and I’m a teacher, and so I feel confident saying that “soaked in blood” is not usually a sign of something not being an emergency.

  • uberhausfrau

    i know the information is private, but i wonder what ms. miran-ramirez’s diagnosis was.
    when my friend’s mother expressed blood from her breast during a monthly self-exam and went to her doctor, she was given 6 months to live. (thankfully that doctor was wrong.)

  • uberhausfrau

    and, i want to be a librarian sooo badly, but the economy scares the heck out of me trying to find any job prospects after sinking thousands into a master’s.
    im of the mind any public library is just as vital to the community as any other public service, like trash pick-up and the fire department. fuck, i hate when people mess with the libraries.

  • Stephanie

    One more thing folks might have missed –
    Judith Warner’s latest column in the NYT yesterday about Cougar Town. I found it really refreshing!

  • Citizen Lane

    Speaking as the son of a librarian, check public schools. The pay is generally lousy, benefits sometimes worth it, administrations are bureaucratic nightmares, but occasionally you get to inspire a kid to love reading, and I’m told that makes the near-constant headaches worth it.

  • JennW

    It was actually Blue Shield of California that denied the claim, not Blue Cross. Two totally different entities. At least the woman has group coverage and Blue Shield can’t kick her off the plan.

  • ooperbooper

    I got the same “not an emergency” crap from my provider when I went to the ER about 4 months ago. I went in because I had severe lower back pain that turned out to be a very bad kidney infection. I was admitted to the hospital for three days and barely escaped dialysis.
    So how is that not an emergency? Does it become an emergency at the point that I need a kidney transplant?

  • Pantheon

    I don’t agree with it at all, but for future reference, here’s what I believe they mean by an emergency:
    If you have time to call the insurance company, even like 5 minutes, you’re supposed to call them first and have them tell you where to go, and then they cover it. If you don’t call them, they’re only required to cover it if it was such an urgent emergency that you really had no time to call them– for instance if you cut off your finger and every second makes a difference in whether they’ll be able to reattach it.
    My mom broke her leg really badly, ended up requiring surgery and metal pins and stuff, and that still wasn’t enough of an emergency for them– she had to call them first and get a referral to a doctor, which ended up being at an ER I believe. The point is not whether you need to go to the emergency room, its whether you have time to call them first.

  • ooperbooper

    Okay, but I did call my insurance company beforehand.

  • Pantheon

    Then I guess they’re supposed to tell you where to go for urgent care that will be covered… I dunno the details of your policy. Like I said, I’m not defending them, I think the system sucks, but at least for my family’s insurance, that’s the rules.

  • uberhausfrau

    ive been told similar things. it would also require a teaching certificate. we’ll see in a year or two how things turn around.