New Beds Made Especially For Men

What exactly makes this bed “for men”? According to the article: “The bed frames feature built-in TVs, iPod docking stations, wine coolers, safes and other guy-friendly gadgetry.” …Because for it to be woman-friendly, it would have to be pink and not as functional as the men’s version, right?

Another gem, regarding one of the bed’s built-in safes: ‘”A lot of our male customers want to keep a gun close to them at night, so now they have the option to have a safe in the bed,” says Maya Ben, Hollandia International’s vice president of operations. “It gives them peace of mind.”‘

A charming testimonial: “Mr. Shapiro admits his wife was less than enthusiastic when he picked the bed out six months ago. He delighted in showing her that the TV could be lowered into the footboard via remote, and he let her pick out the color and pattern of the mattress fabric. His wife declined to comment.” You must mean his wife was too speechless with excitement to comment — women just love pretty fabrics!

If we’re honest, it’s not the mere existence of these beds that makes me cringe, it’s the marketing. The beds themselves look super comfy and fun to hang out in — for everyone regardless of gender. The whole “Man-Cave, For Macho Manly Men Only!” angle is just so unnecessary.

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