An Awesome Parenting Resource

Months ago, I came across a web site called India Parenting. I bookmarked it because for whatever reason, I’m really into reading parenting websites, even though I’m not a parent myself. It wasn’t until recently that I actually got around to reading it, and lo and behold, it’s super feminist-friendly.

I often see parents here on Feministing as well as on other websites asking about how to raise their children to be open-minded and/or feminists. It’s a difficult question to answer in a comment box, but this website touches on a lot of feminist issues. On their general "Raising Children" page (, there are articles about how to discourage prejudice in your child and encourage tolerance, why it’s important to be loving and accepting towards your gay child, tips for working mothers, having a family with more than one religion, giving your child a healthy outlook on masturbation, talking to children who have been sexually abused, and my personal favorite: "Fathers are Parents Too!" And much, much more, of course.

The site’s homepage ( has even more to offer, including an article explaining what feminism is and why it’s not scary and threatening. (And yes, the article is in a section called "For Women" which also includes beauty tips and articles about diet and exercise, but I personally find this a very mild annoyance which is hugely outweighed by all the feminist-friendly info. on the rest of the site.)

And as an added bonus, there’s a baby photo contest, with pictures of the most adorable little babies. Yay!

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