Michelle Obama inaugurates new White House farmers market

And I was there!

As the local food nerd that I am, I had to be there to hear Michelle Obama speak at the opening of the new White House Farmer’s Market in DC.

One of the local dairy farmer’s spoke, and she credited the DC area markets with her family farm’s economic viability. DC Mayor Adrian Fenty spoke as well, followed by the head of the USDA. He announced the launching of a new initiative, Know your Farmer, Know your Food, which sounds exciting.

Lastly Michelle Obama spoke. Her speech hit right to the heart of why farmers markets are important, and what good they can bring. She talked about the White House garden and trying to find fresh vegetables when she and her family lived on the South Side of Chicago.
It was a great turnout considering the rain–at least 300 people gathered to hear Michelle speak. The market will run through the end of the season, late October.

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