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This is the interview I’ve been waiting for.
Nine women were rescued from in a fake reality show Turkey after being held captive.
This is a bit old – a German ad campaign to combat trafficking – but it freaked me out enough that I wanted to post it anyway.

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  • Spiffy McBang

    And she nailed McFarlane.. how?

  • gothicguera

    I have an issue with rape jokes (Please let me get on my soapbox)From what I see, people who tell rape joke don’t understand the horror of the experience. Honelty if thety had a sister or a friend that were raped would tell tell that joke to them to make them luagh? What if that happend to their significance other? or themselves for that matter. Honestly the people who tell rape jokes don’t understand what the victims (or the victims friends and family went through.) If they really understood the matter they wouldn’t make those jokes. That how I feel about McFarlane either way, those joke do not to point out, how dumb Peter Griffin is.

  • allieb87

    Where is the Mad Men Mondays post??? I need it!

  • abileen

    I actually don’t mind the Amnesty International ad. It’s not like those PETA stunts that use female bodies as a symbol for something else. The AI thing actually raises awareness of the women who are victims of trafficking, so it makes sense that a woman would use her body to perform the stunt.

  • Brandi

    I completely agree. I was about to post the same thing, but you beat me to it! I didn’t see where she said or did anything exemplary in the article. Even asking “why is rape funny” isn’t edgy. I’m sure he’s heard that question before and has a prepared answer for it. Are standards just that low for excellent journalism these days?


    Solomon’s interview totally came off like cheap shot journalism.
    She looked like an irritable humorless prig with no grasp of what comedy is – and McFarlane came across like a funny engaging comic who got blindsided by a scold.
    Also, Solomon has some homophobia issues – she implied that McFarlane was gay (and anti family) just because he’s single!


    There is humor in every aspect of the human condition – ESPECIALLY the dark side.
    And yes, that includes rape.
    And I say that as a survivor of 6 years of childhood sexual assault.
    Now, we can, and should, critique individual rape jokes – some are funny, others are stupid and unfunny while some are just cruel and intended for shock effect.
    But rape jokes in and of themselves are OK.
    As for Peter Griffin – his character is a well meaning guy who happens to be a total idiot, and every Family Guy fan understands that.
    So, when he makes a comment, you know it’s the opinion of a total moron.
    Nobody is going to think that rape is OK just because Peter Griffin said it is.
    In fact, Seth McFarlane is saying that rape is NOT OK by putting the comment in the mouth of an idiot (and he’s saying that anti rape message to an audience of young men who would not respond to conventional feminist anti rape arguments) – so he’s actually doing us all a service by telling these guys that rape is wrong in a way that they can hear and understand the message

  • everybodyever

    Agreed. The ad doesn’t sexualize her at all; I think it’s actually a pretty humanizing and powerful spot.
    The woman just looks like a young person in ordinary clothes (but no shoes? Maybe they didn’t fit). As for the time she spent curled up in there, those carousels don’t usually revolve for long before stopping between flights.
    I don’t read German, but I would imagine this is a particularly big issue in Germany because it’s been battling the exploitation of eastern European women within its borders (where prostitution is legal) for years.

  • lucierohan

    Before I speak from my personal experience, I just want to say that I wouldn’t expect anyone who’s been raped to laugh along with a rape joke in any context. If I make a rape joke, I’m not going to act surprised and indignant if someone takes offense to it. I’m not entitled to their laughter or their approval.
    That said, I am a survivor of childhood rape and molestation and rape is one of the perverse subjects that I’m more likely to laugh about in the context of a joke. Even jokes that are more brutal than the ones in Family Guy. I think people have very different ways of releasing their tension over different tragedies. Some laugh some cry. Usually I find that release through laughter. I feel like I’m being denied that when people (especially in the feminist community) make across the board condemnations about jokes like this.