Monday Monty Blogging (passive aggressive edition)

Don’t hate me because I’m cute.
You know, I almost forgot to do a Monday Monty blog today – but then I got this email that reminded me. It’s from someone who sent along a story they wanted Feministing to cover, and who wrote said email in such a way that it compelled me to find a super cute picture of the dog. (And no, I won’t link to the story. Yes, I’m spiteful.)

Not that you ever print anything I’ve sent in the past, though it’s usually more relevant than updates on Jessica’s dog, I’ll send this article by [redacted] along. Cheers

Paging! Seriously, though. We get hundreds of post ideas a day and we do our best to write about the ones we think Feministing readers will be interested in. So thanks to all of you who continue to take the time to email us story ideas sans snarky commentary about my poor wee dog.

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