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In DC and nine other states, insurance companies have claimed that domestic violence is a pre-existing condition.
What is the role of privileged white women in the reproductive justice movement?
Sean Lennon defends that Purple magazine photo.
Even Kleenexes are gendered now?
Cara and Amanda write about Tucker Max so we don’t have to.
Does parenthood make women more liberal and men more conservative?
How the coverage of Chris Brown is bad for understanding abuse.
A new documentary on water rights and access in Michigan.
On the unconventional anti-sex-tourism activism of FEMEN, a women’s rights group in Ukraine.
A Florida group wants to outlaw birth control, and the Alabama Supreme Court upheld the criminalization of sex toys.
Renowned coach C. Vivian Stringer enters the Basketball Hall of Fame.
Should the people who killed a white man for dating a black woman be charged with a hate crime?
A high school in Iowa strip-searched five teenage girls.

Tami on youth, aging, beauty, and the folly of chasing perfection.
What if colleges treated sexual assault as the public health epidemic it is? (And more from SarahMC.)
Hanging on to housing in one of New York’s foreclosure-ridden neighborhoods.
The United Nations tackles the issue of financially surviving divorce.
How the Associated Press stylebook fails transgender people.
Did you know blogging is dominated by old men? Er, well Technorati says so.
Butch is “back”? Did it ever go away?
When you realize a historical feminist hero performed in blackface, can you still be inspired by the positive parts of her story?
Two new studies examine home birth vs. hospital birth.
Michelle Dean pleads, let Peggy be Peggy! (And, I might add, let Carla be Carla! And let Betty be Betty!)
On racial anxiety and right-wing opposition to Obama.
After 4 years of gay marriage, Massachusetts has the lowest divorce rate in the nation.
Newsflash: Women directors exist.
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