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Nine women were held captive for two months, filmed naked and broadcast on the internet after being told they were going to be on a Big Brother-like reality show.
A former flight attendant remembers 9/11 on Pam’s House Blend.
Community poster Brissy Gal brings to light a case in Australia where a 19-year old woman and her boyfriend from Queensland may face up to seven years in prison for taking taking a version of the abortion pill mifepristone.
Non-Shocker of the Day: PETA’s new ad takes on multiple offenses at a time.

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  • hellotwin

    Really, PETA??

  • Comrade Kevin

    PETA just doesn’t get it. On my blog, I called them out for mandating that anyone working for them at a particular job they listed online must be a vegan. The legality of the practice is what I was questioning and strangely it produced a direct reply I found a couple days later in my inbox.
    As a result, I had a of a highly public back and forth with their PR person until I suppose they realized I was making their organization look bad. Here I was, using logic and common sense, which is something PETA seems to keep in short supply.

  • holmes

    something else that was missed: i was very surprised to see no remembrance, or even acknowledgement of the significance of today’s date on this site..
    “we will never forget.”

  • Lily A

    I’m curious, on what basis would them requiring you to be vegan be illegal? As far as I know dietary choice isn’t a protected category (like gender, race etc). And I can see why they would want to hire someone who reflected the group’s philosophy in their daily life, because it would certainly make them look bad if someone working for an organization which promoted veganism wasn’t actually a vegan…
    Not trying to be snarky at all, I’m genuinely curious.

  • Doug S.

    Yes, today is indeed Terrorism Day. :(

  • Doug S.

    Not too long ago, I came across a (really bad) horror movie on television about a guy who was voted off a reality show, so he decided to host his own, fake reality show and kill off the “contestants” one at a time.

  • Pharaoh Katt

    When I read about the couple who were facing jail for procuring an abortion, my heart sank. I’d forgotten just how bad the other states were as far as it went :( And WA isn’t that great, either :(


    Legal or not, it’s offensive in the worst way for a boss to dictate to workers what they can and cannot do when they are not at work.
    So, if PETA wanted to ban meat eating in their employee cafeteria, it would be OK (douchebaggish to the extreme, but OK in a narrow legal sense) but for them to demand that you not eat meat at home, or in a restaurant, on your own time is a blatant invasion of privacy.

  • Sass

    I cried when I heard (what does it say about the world when the only time I cry is when I’m watching the news?)
    I’m so angry and embarrassed to be from QLD at the moment. A small saving grace is all the news reports I’ve heard referring to the law as “archaic”.

  • Nebraska

    How would it be “douchebaggish to the extreme” for organization that actively promotes vegetarianism and veganism to not want to purchase meat for the organizations cafeteria? Vegetarianism is an economic boycott of the meat industry!
    As for if they banned people from bringing meat from home to eat in the cafeteria, I see it as a very basic respect issue. These are people who believe so strongly that eating meat is wrong that they’ve devoted their lives and careers to ending cruelty to animals (except women!), and to eat meat on their property would just be insulting and tasteless. I ask people not to bring meat (and cilantro, ew) into my home, for the very same reasons. I smile and watch people eat meat everyday, I would like one place in my life where I don’t have to think about it. I believe they probably feel the same way!
    *Mandatory disclaimer: I am vegetarian, I dislike PETA.