Target Women: Brooke Shields

I just have one word: momamorphosis.

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  • ArtByMoretti

    haha “You know when you see freaky people on the streets sometimes with tiny eyelashes and you practically barf?!” Gotta love Sarah! She’s great!

  • allieb87

    So I can’t afford cable and I don’t watch very much TV so I hadn’t seen the eyelash commercial. Is that for real? Like… that’s really advertised on TV? Seriously?

  • DeafBrownTrash

    so funny. Sarah Haskins is awesome. I read a few months ago that she got signed to get her own TV show…. sweet!

  • ElleStar

    Like every commercial break. At least on the shows that I watch.
    “Warning, this product may cause darkening of the skin around the eyes, which MAY be reversible, or browning of the pigmentation of the iris, which is not.”
    I believe Latisse is usually marketed for people with disease where hair falls out or something like that. But now, it looks like it’s trying to break into the cosmetic market.

  • allieb87

    Wow… mascara doesn’t do the trick anymore? Weird…

  • sushi

    Latisse is the cosmetic rebranding of a drug called Lumigan that was used to treat glaucoma, which evidently has a chernobyl type effect on eyelashes.
    Thank God those of us with Hypotrichosis, or sparse eyelash syndrome, need no longer suffer.
    That video was hilarious.

  • Athenia

    It drives me nuts.

  • Tenya

    Haha, I remember in nursing school noticing on latanoprost the “side effects” warning about darkening of the eyelashes and iris, and my buddy and I making fun of it “Oh hey, try this drug, it helps glaucoma AND you get movie star eyes!”
    Apparently someone was listening in.

  • JupiterAmmon

    “Brooke Sheilds! She’s a beautiful doll!”
    I’ve had that tune stuck in my head all friggen week!

  • Kim C.

    See, I’m the opposite: when I see people with ginormous eyelashes, I wonder how far away I should stand from them in case they blink in my presence.