Anti-feminist Mailbag (questions and answers edition)

This latest email is from an admirer who has all the answers as to why I’m a feminist. He also has some interesting questions. (A question of my own: Why is it that I have yet to meet a misogynist who can write an understandable sentence?)

To Jessica,
I think your into feminism because your boyfriend dumped you when you least expected it. Maybe you thought that you were his gift from heaven ? Between you and me the girls today are far more maturer than they were 15-20 years ago at the height of feminism. Anyway your wrong, this feminism you preach is all about the same old thing and thats hatred towards men, which works well if your a lesbian. But as in all things what comes around goes around. But will you want what you will get ?

Deep questions indeed: Will I want what I’ll get? Am I gift from heaven? (The answer to that one is obvious – yes, naturally.) All I know is that I’m so incredibly grateful that random dudes care enough to take the time to email me with these existential conundrums. Nothing but love for you, guys!

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  • aleks

    This is my only troll account. You wouldn’t believe which name is my good account.

  • Steven

    I think that hating on someones English skills is petty… but that was hilarious.

  • Zailyn

    I’ll join the “native speaker” train; I’m sort of a native speaker of English (long story) but I sat through seven years of ESL classes and the mistakes made in this letter do not add up to ESL for me.