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What We Missed

TweetMichelle Obama will be appearing on Sesame Street to teach the muppets how to garden. The New Scientist is reporting on computer technology that could help detect early signs of domestic violence from medical records. Finally some good news on the health care front: anti-choice amendments fail in the Senate Finance Committee. And some more [...]
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Maine poll shows progress, California poll shows regress

TweetIn its August 2009 California Opinion Index, California’s Field Poll looked at how California’s electorate has evolved since the 1970′s. Some trends are expected; in both 1978 and 2009, women comprised 53% of registered California voters. Compared to 1978, there are fewer white non-Hispanics, more homeowners, fewer Protestants, and more non-Christians registered to vote. Finally, [...]
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Why I love fall (hint: its not about the leaves)

TweetLast week, around the first day of fall, this tweet was going around courtesy of Sinclair Sexsmith, sex blogger and gender writer. RT @mrsexsmith: tomorrow is equinox; it’ll officially be fall, season for which my wardrobe was made. Yay sweaters & jackets! I agreed with his tweet (strongly) and have been thinking more about how [...]
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Keep your “boyfriend jeans” away from my four year old

Tweet I’ve noticed a trend in recent years, for stores like Gap and Old Navy to introduce baggier style jeans for women and call them “Boyfriend” jeans. You know, like you just slipped on a pair of your male lover’s pants and look how great they look on you? But let’s be clear, you don’t [...]
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Last day of Food Desert Awareness Month

TweetToday is the last day of Food Desert Awareness Month, hosted by the National Center for Public Awareness. Food Desert defined: A food desert is a large geographic area with no or distant grocery stores. Often, food deserts have an imbalance of food choice, meaning more nearby fringe food such as fast food, convenience stores, [...]
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