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Costco takes a racist toy off the shelves. The question of how the hell it got there to begin with remains.
A study shows that despite the stereotype, women aren’t more “tentative” than men.
Newsweek on “America’s War on the Overweight.”
Circulation of women’s magazines are sharply declining.
Amanda at the Sexist takes on gender misidentification in reporters’ coverage of the DC women who were murdered recently.
Check out the launch of Harlot’s Parlour, a new blog about sex, sexuality and sex work.

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  • Suzann

    Given that Brass Key Inc is based in Hong King ( meaning they manufacture in China, as do most soft toy manufacturers) and also most likely design in China, and sell worldwide (again, as is common in that business) it is very unlikely that they have any American-centric motive in designing their toys.
    Cosco should have known better – they are an American company – but Brass Key was just packaging dolls.
    (And – BTW? ‘Monkey’ does not have a negative connotation in China. It’s one of the ‘year’ animals. 2004 most recently.)

  • Lily A

    i think it is actually possible to address the health consequences of poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and obesity (correlated but not equivalent entities) without judging, blaming, or perpetuating fat-hatred. in fact, i think it is absolutely critical that we do so.
    Yes yes! Yes yes yes!
    We need to also address the disparities in these privileges (good nutrition, access to good exercise, and education about both of these topics) along race and class lines, similarly without judging, blaming, or perpetuating fat-hatred (or denying that different racial groups may also have, on average, different healthy body structures).

  • Lily A

    Sorry, tried but failed to italicize that first paragraph to show it was a quote… my bad.

  • Genevieve PlusCourageuse

    Yeah, not to mention that “defensive much” here seems to say, “ha ha, who cares what you say, you only care cause YOU’RE FAT!” Definitely immature.

  • llevinso

    Yeah, I had a feeling that was what nikki#2 was driving at. I guess you can only be annoyed by something if it directly affects you. Like I couldn’t possibly be upset just because it’s wrong and insulting regardless of MY actual size (shh! I’m a size 2, don’t tell anyone. crap, I’m also white so I guess I should stop getting upset when people make racist comments!).