She’s got style, she’s got grace, she always knows her place.

So true….ladies.
You know an article is going to be blogging gold when it starts off like this:

As our society abandons the conservative values that make women into ladies, women with grace and dignity have become an endangered species–especially on today’s college campuses. The kind of woman who inspired Tom Jones’ song “She’s a Lady” has become an antiquated figure from America’s past.

Oh yes, Eva Lorraine Molina at Townhall wants us to know that she’s no liberal whorebag – and she wishes conservative women would stop acting like us sex-crazed feminists, too!

The feminist movement’s war on conservatism in America has killed chivalry and trained too many women to think and act like men. As a result, many young conservative women do not know what it means to be a lady.

But don’t worry, Molina is here to tell us exactly what being a “lady” entails.

A lady does not tell dirty jokes along with men and she does not tolerate men telling dirty jokes in her presence. She does not swear, and she is not considered “one of the guys.” In spite of new fashion trends, a lady always dresses appropriately, leaving a lot to the imagination. When at a social gathering, a lady does not do things she will regret the next day. Above all, a lady is well-mannered, dignified, gracious, and kind.

Sounds fun. But what’s particularly telling about Molina’s idealized notion of being a “lady” is that it’s directly related to whether or not men will find you marriageable – since getting hitched is the ultimate goal of all ladies, of course.

I have heard many of my male peers place women into three categories: “the ones to mess around with, the ones to date, and the ones to marry.” Though this is a rather crude way of categorizing women, it shows that men do recognize and value the qualities that make a woman a lady.

No, it shows that your guy friends are assholes. Big ones.

Ladies are the kind of women that men can take home to Mom and Dad and that most men want to marry. Being considered “marriage material” is an indicator that a woman is to be respected; most men who deem a woman as such treat her with the utmost respect. For men, ladies are at the top of the female totem pole, and conservative women need to take pride in the fact that they are worthy of time, love, and commitment.

Article-skewering aside, this just made me sad. Too many women think that their worth is completely based on what guys feel about them – whether or not they’re considered fuckable, dateable, marriageable, etc, makes a lot of women feel valuable. It’s all bullshit. And while I feel compassion for Molina – because it can’t be fun to think of yourself that way – it irritates me to no end when women perpetuate this crap. Though I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked, considering Molina is an intern with the anti-feminist, pro-hope chest, anti-rectum-misuse (seriously) Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute.
So I think I’ll continue to curse, tell dirty jokes, try things that I may regret and keep company with women who do the same. Because at the end of the day, me and my ladies know that all people are deserving of respect – not just the ones who fall in line with antiquated sexist stereotypes.

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