Happy Birthday, Vanessa!

This weekend was Vanessa’s 29th birthday – so please give her some b-day love in comments. For those of you who don’t know V personally – and that’s most of you! – here are some essential things you should be aware of:
She will always win in a dance-off. (See picture above.)
She throws a mean party.
She can find orange salamanders in the woods in record time.
She is an amazing friend and sister (sniff).
If you get her on a good day, she’ll tell you about the time she threatened to beat up Claire Danes. Seriously.

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  • Miriam

    Happy birthday V! Hope it was a good one :)

  • llevinso

    Happy Birthday :)

  • Siby

    Happy birthday! Wanna teach me how to dance? :)

  • Ann

    Happy b-day, lady! (That’s right, I called you a “LADY”. Despite your role, as an evil feminist, in the death of chivalry.)

  • StephenMoore

    Happy Birthday Vanessa!

  • Ubat

    Happy birthday!

  • Jos

    Happy Birthday Vanessa! I think we have similar ridiculous dancing grins :)

  • EvilSlutClique

    Happy Birthday Vanessa!

  • Devoted_Toucan

    Happy Belated Birthday.

  • kece80

    Happy 29th!!! And do we get to hear the Claire Danes story?!

  • lucfeminist

    Happy birthday Vanessa! Thank you so much for helping to make feministing the wonderful web community that it is!

  • Vanessa

    Aw thanks all (and sis)! I’d be thrilled to have a feminist dance party with any of y’all, anytime. As for Claire Danes, sometimes leaving these stories to the imagination makes it all the better :)