Feminists and fornicators are my kind of people

This is too good. Robert McDonnell, the Republican gubernatorial candidate in Virginia, wrote a Master’s thesis calling working women and feminists “detrimental” to the family. Wait, it gets better.

He said government policy should favor married couples over “cohabitators, homosexuals or fornicators.” He described as “illogical” a 1972 Supreme Court decision legalizing the use of contraception by unmarried couples.

Via TPM.

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  • llevinso

    I kind of want to change my username to “Detrimental Fornicator” now. It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

  • Katie93

    Crap crap crap. I’m a Virginian, and between the Deeds Campaign Abortion Clinic Sign Nonsense and the Democrats Are Out To Kill All The Puppies Nonsense, it looks like it is quite likely this could be my governor.

  • allieb87

    I know this is a semi-twisted reaction to this but it’s nice to know that Oklahoma isn’t the only place where politicians like this exist. It’s kinda comforting in a very weird way…

  • PamelaVee

    yuck! Don’t give that nutter any internet traffic!
    I’d love to not work. He can feel free to send me some money if he’d like! Me not working would be “detrimental” to us eating so, how bout it!?

  • inthesedreams

    This guy is coming to talk to the college Republicans at my school. Perhaps I should inform the College Democrats of this business.

  • teacherwoman

    How is allowing unmarried couples to use birth control “illogical.” Wouldn’t he think it’s a good idea for us fornicators to prevent our out-of-wedlock/Satan’s spawn pregnancies?

  • aleks

    If they don’t have birth control, then they won’t have sex.

  • dangerfield

    With a 14 point lead, that man is probably going to govern my state. Its been nice to pretend VA is a blue state these last few years, but now its back to Pat Robertson disciples that believe in governing from a mandate from God… oh dear.
    McDonnell is trying to distance himself from that paper by calling it an academic exercise, but given that he went to a law school that still openly criticizes gay rights, I’m not buying it…

  • Hershele Ostropoler

    What’s the difference between cohabitors and people who live together, or fornicators and people who sleep together? For government policy not to favor married couples over cohabitors and fornicators and still distinguish couples from non-couples or whatever the applicable number is) requires a lot more government intrusion than I’m comfortable with.
    You could dispute the utility of the government distinguishing couples from non-couples (or whatever), of course.

  • JessWin

    This is a master’s thesis from 1989, produced at an evangelical college. Not that it can’t be held under scrutiny, but we shouldn’t overstate what it means about him the way some overstated the meaning of Secretary Clinton’s undergraduate thesis, and Michelle Obama’s thesis (that is, we ought not treat it as direct and uninterrupted access to his current views) – especially since he has said his views have changed since then, and it was only an “academic exercise” (like ALL graduate theses).

  • Marc

    I beginning to see why it was important when, before the elections last year, I changed my residency from California to Virginia – to beat assholes like these.
    Virgina is a strange state. When I was on the campaign, we saw former Gov. Mark Warner’s numbers showing his lead was 25+ points, whereas Obama barely had a lead. In short, Virginians do not vote party lines.
    Hopefully, will endorsements from Warner and Kaine, Deeds can pull out a victory.
    The key, though, is to win in places like northern Virginia, Richmond and Hampton Roads. We’re never going to get the Buttfuck, Egypt, votes.
    Seriously, if this guy becomes my governor, I am more than likely going to move to DC.

  • Marc

    Dangerfield, I didn’t know you’re from Virginia. Where abouts?
    Sorry if this is off topic, but you’ve always been one of the male feminists on this board I respect, and I’d love to coordinate/work together in Virginia.
    Once I get back to the States for good, I am getting back to school and starting a local chapter of the National Organization for Men Against Sexism – or something similar, to work on issues that you often write about, and I’d love to have you join us.

  • Marc

    I actually just wrote a letter to the editor for the Hampton Roads newspaper attacking McDonnell’s policies against women, and how they’re inconsistent with the “freedom” he always speaks of and is “thankful” to military personnel for.
    Hampton Roads is a military populated area. Hopefully, that’ll help just a little bit.

  • sangetencre

    Some days…I really love that just by living my life the way I want it, I fit into someone’s definition of the “root cause of society’s/the family’s downfall.”
    It just warms the cockles of my little feminist heart, you know?

  • Therese

    I will be leaving Virginia for many reasons…i think my husband and I are getting out just in time. The Deeds campaign is incompetent and McDonnell will likely be our next governor.

  • aftercancer

    Sounds to me like he needs to get laid. Maybe he’s just acting out his frustration LOL.

  • dangerfield

    I’m from a rural part of the state originally but I just moved out of the DC area to start law school in Charlottesville. I’d love to work together on any feminist project, especially those centered on what men can do to fight sexism. I travel around the state a lot so if C’ville is too far away, I’d able to collaborate during visits to whatever part of the state you’ll be working in.
    Glad to have your respect.

  • aleks

    If that doesn’t excuse my behavior it certainly shouldn’t excuse his.