Anti-feminist Mailbag (late to the party edition)

It’s that time again! This particular emailer was a bit late to the hating – he’s pissed about a video I made some time ago – one that prompted an Anonymous attack on the site and myself – that calls out online misogynists for hiding behind their anonymity. (Shockingly, this hate-emailer did not provide me with his real name or information.)
Mr. Late-to-the-Party goes off on the usual rant, calling me a hypocrite who is afraid of the “truth being exposed about feminism” because I disabled comments on the video. (He’s right, if you all were able to see users talking about hate fucking me and telling me to “make a sammich,” the tenets of feminism would come crumbling down around us.)
He also, of course, kindly elaborates on why feminism is losing influence because of brave dudes like himself. It was this little snippet, however, that I really liked:

A woman’s youth and beauty is her greatest asset, because it can determine access to wealth, education, employment, etc. So enjoy what you can while you are young because time is the greatest enemy of the female, and the greatest ally of the man. 10 years from now when you are 20 pounds heavier and less attractive in the face, you will wither away like all the rest.
Justice, fairness, and real truth will prevail over feminism in the end!

Frankly, my biggest fear – other than my nemesis “time,” of course – is being less attractive in the elbow. Once my sharp gorgeous joints lose their beauty, I know that I’m fucked. (Seriously, I will be laughing over “less attractive in the face” for the rest of the day. I hope you’ll join me.)

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  • Hypatia

    Yes; a woman like Hillary Clinton is certainly “withering away” now, long past her “youthful bloom”.

  • Kurumi & Cheese

    I have a vlog, and every so often I talk about some kind of feminist/gender/women’s issue. I disable comments and ratings for a reason, and sometimes I have to explain this reason to people who say they wanted to give me a good rating/comment. Honestly, I can’t be bothered to moderate the comments on all my vlogs. If you have something to say, say it directly to me, etc. But most of the response is positive. And most of my viewers are older men. And I think disabling comments keeps the 12-year-old wanker types out.
    Once in a while I get some bs like that, though.
    I tried once to report one of the very threatening ones to Youtube, but the language the guy used in the message meant that it got caught in their spam filter. How worthless is that?

  • Laurenms

    This anti-feminist hate mail is one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever read. I can’t even be that mad. But I can still be a little mad.

  • sangetencre

    Do these people have any inkling of their own ridiculousness?
    O.K. Obviously not, but…
    In between laughing fits, my mind just boggles.

  • veronikoala

    So does being pretty get women into college or are women naturally smarter because they are attractive?

  • Ori

    And as we all know, time NEVER diminishes men’s looks, right?
    :: guffaws ::
    I’d love to know how Mr. Late-to-the-Party will react when time bestows wrinkles, jowls, ear hairs, male pattern baldness, liver spots, and a pot belly on his once youthful physique.

  • alixana

    So enjoy what you can while you are young because time is the greatest enemy of the female, and the greatest ally of the man.
    In reality, time ain’t so nice to men, either. In the end, we’re all dead, ya know.

  • Pharaoh Katt

    Women don’t need education! Just sit there being pretty and some man will provide for you!

  • Pharaoh Katt

    That’s right, time is the greatest enemy of women. Time lurks in dark alleys waiting to strike unsuspecting women and steal their reproductive rights.

  • kppontrucking

    LOL. Beauty is our greatest asset huh? Yeah, sure… every university I applied to asked me to send in a photo of myself to see if I was pretty enough to attend their school. NOT.

  • Tara K.

    More Anti-Feminist Mailbag, please!

  • pepper

    i keep trying for my mrs degree. one day my nice guy in a shining suv will come ply me with diamonds and nice dinners.

  • frolicnaked

    So this is why I had to show photo ID to take the SAT!

  • Ista

    Well I’m so beautiful that I didn’t even have to take the SAT to get into college!

  • Ista

    Pfft… People like him don’t want us to have reproductive rights.

  • allegra

    Huh. I think it’d be awesome if this guy repeated this to his nasty old mother and listened to what she had to say about it.

  • Peepers

    OMG he called you pretty. I am so jealous.

  • yamiblue990

    please continue to give us more of the anti-feminist mailbag. it’s some of the most amusing posts seeing what the trolls are saying. their prattle is so stupid yet funny.

  • Peepers

    Only worth, greatest asset, whatever.

  • idiolect

    Haha — I’m not really sure why, but “less attractive in the face” *is* pretty funny (maybe because I’m reading it like “I will kill you IN THE FACE,” heh). I also like the notion of 20 extra pounds causing you to “wither away.”

  • JetGirl70

    I have compelling proof men don’t age better. I just attended my 20th high school reunion. The women looked the same — a few were a bit heavier from having had multiple kids — but recognizable and lovely. The men? It was a horror show. It wasn’t just the usual hair loss or weight gain, some looked downright haggard. Men get better looking as they age, my feminist fanny.

  • katemoore

    I must be in the minority. I hate these posts; just reading them depresses me something terrible. And I realize that’s exactly what the trolls want.

  • vegkitty

    Or a shining Volvo, like in “Twilight.” Because that’s what every woman wants, non?

  • vegkitty

    Moms aren’t women, obviously.

  • Pharaoh Katt

    I understand what you mean. I think that the reason so many of us make fun of these letters is because it takes the edge off, and throws it back at them. It’s a defence mechanism.

  • ikkin

    Every time I see the Anti-Feminist mailbag, I get so excited that I pee a little bit.
    Mr. Late-to-the-Party must live a very frustrating life. Poor thing.

  • ladybeethoven

    What was this Anonymous attack about?
    And oh, how ironic, yet typical, that a group that usually opposes people who stand in the way of progress – Scientology, the Iranian government – become the anti-progressive ones when their own unfair privilege is threatened.

  • B

    Employment? I thought I was supposed to stay at home and make dinner all day watching the kids and reruns of “Days of our Lives.”
    LOL. I love these emails.

  • kmich

    I don’t know how you get used to these type of people, I’m sure my face would flush with every email. Luckily they are unintentionally funny.