Anti-feminist Mailbag (late to the party edition)

It’s that time again! This particular emailer was a bit late to the hating – he’s pissed about a video I made some time ago – one that prompted an Anonymous attack on the site and myself – that calls out online misogynists for hiding behind their anonymity. (Shockingly, this hate-emailer did not provide me with his real name or information.)
Mr. Late-to-the-Party goes off on the usual rant, calling me a hypocrite who is afraid of the “truth being exposed about feminism” because I disabled comments on the video. (He’s right, if you all were able to see users talking about hate fucking me and telling me to “make a sammich,” the tenets of feminism would come crumbling down around us.)
He also, of course, kindly elaborates on why feminism is losing influence because of brave dudes like himself. It was this little snippet, however, that I really liked:

A woman’s youth and beauty is her greatest asset, because it can determine access to wealth, education, employment, etc. So enjoy what you can while you are young because time is the greatest enemy of the female, and the greatest ally of the man. 10 years from now when you are 20 pounds heavier and less attractive in the face, you will wither away like all the rest.
Justice, fairness, and real truth will prevail over feminism in the end!

Frankly, my biggest fear – other than my nemesis “time,” of course – is being less attractive in the elbow. Once my sharp gorgeous joints lose their beauty, I know that I’m fucked. (Seriously, I will be laughing over “less attractive in the face” for the rest of the day. I hope you’ll join me.)

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