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Newsweek profiles Dr. Leroy Carhart, and spotlights what it’s like to be one of the country’s few remaining later-term abortion providers. Carhart on Tiller’s killers: “We have to realize this isn’t a difference of opinions. We need to fight back.”
An interesting take on Mad Men from Michelle Dean: “I find it really problematic as a show to recommend to people who aren’t feminists, or who aren’t, at the very least, what I would call ready for a serious discussion of gender roles.” Plus, a great post on Mad Men from Shark-Fu’s sister, Crystal Merritt — an ad woman herself!
Amber Rose poses for a series of photos for Complex that reference some notable photos of Grace Jones. And Naomi Campbell plays a wild African queen in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar. As Tami said on Twitter, “Will the black women=animal, exotic meme ever die?”
The New York Times surveys the state of women in combat. I think it downplays the ways in which the military’s refusal to formally acknowledge women in combat roles has had negative repercussions for the women themselves. (It’s hard to demand better services — services in the field, PTSD and other health services at home, etc — when, on paper, you’re technically serving in a limited role.)
On the vitriol spewed at Harriette Harman and Hillary Clinton this summer.
A socially-conscious video-production class in Chicago created a video on rape culture “to spread awareness and get people thinking about how and why rape happens.”
Colbert takes on hormone replacement therapy and Wyeth pharmaceuticals.
In an incredibly cruel review of the new JCPenney in Manhattan, the Times even manages to fat-shame the mannequins.
Jesse at Pandagon dismantles the “Whole Foods Health Care Plan.”
Abortion coverage in health reform is getting a lot of press these days, but what about pregnancy coverage in our current health system? It’s deplorable.
Sexual harassment is a crime of power, not passion, Latoya points out.
Can community gardens have an impact on crime rates?
Internet rumors say that Lady Gaga came out as intersex. Lisa at Questioning Transphobia says really, it’s none of our business. Sady has more. (Plus a bonus comment from Gaga herself on gay culture.)
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