Speaking of Nice Guys™

Check this out from PassiveAgressiveNotes.com:

k, so court in michigan met this guy out at a bar. he seemed harmless enough, but court knew right he wasn’t her type. still, she didn’t have the heart to give him a flat-out “no” when he asked for her number. (she couldn’t give him a fake one, either, ’cause he the did the “dial his number into the phone and call” thing.)
says court: “the first time he called, i talked to him and decided right then i definitely wasn’t interested.” by the end of the conversation, she figured he’d gotten the message…but then he kept calling. and then, texting. when she didn’t respond, court says, “i assumed he’d take the hint…but i’m not too sure he did.” um, yeah, you could say that.

Um, scary. Entitled much?

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