Standing Up to Sexist Sudanese Indecency Laws

Check out Katha Pollit’s piece about UN press officer and general badass Lubna Hussein, who is standing up against the sexist Sudanese government. Hussein was one of the 13 women charged under Sudan’s Article 152 Criminal Code, prohibiting “indecent” dress, on July 3rd. Their crime? Um, pants. 10 of the 13 women accepted a plea bargain, but not Hussein. Pollit reports:

Lubna Hussein and two others insisted on going to trial– even though losing in court will mean forty lashes and a much bigger fine. In fact, Hussein resigned her UN post so as not to have immunity — she wants to win this battle on principle, not a technicality, and have the dress-code law abolished. ‘I will take my case to the upper court, even to the constitutional court,’ she told The Guardian . ‘And if they find me guilty, I am ready to receive not only 40 lashes, I am ready for 40,000 lashes. If all women must be flogged for what they wear, I am ready to be flogged 40,000 times.’

Support Hussein and her crew here.

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  • hfs

    She is truly brave. I hope that no harm comes to her.

  • borrow_tunnel

    It’s women like this that make me think of Jesus. No, I’m not a Christian. It just makes me think of how Christians glorify Jesus because he took all of this torture and pain for us supposedly, and that’s part of why he is worshipped. Have these people looked around the world and seen there are people like that today who fight for REAL tangible and current ideals. This woman will be helping other women fight REAL pain and oppression, not “eternal damnation”. Jesus was no better than anyone else. Stop making him out to be THE hero just because he had a penis. This woman is a savior in my book.