Feministing Fun Facts

My first ever profile picture! Taken on the night we decided to start Feministing, at a bar in the East Village.
Since our inception in 2004, we’ve published over 9400 posts. Since launching the Community blog just over a year ago, you all have published over 5000! (Damn, catching up with us!!)
Feministing has over 200,000 comments on its entries.
Two of the top search terms that bring people to the site are upskirt and ball busting.
Our look has changed significantly.

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  • ikkin

    Thank you for this blog, Jessica! I remember when I first searched for “feminism” on Google as an 18 year old girl looking for somewhere to go that made me feel comfortable as a feminist. I’ve evolved many times as a feminist since that day and I have this blog and your skills as a writer to thank (at least in part) for that. You’re just wonderful.

  • Jessica

    Aw, thank you so much! I’m so glad that you’re here (and all the other fab commenters!) and that the site has been a part of your feminism. :)

  • Cheena

    I wonder why anyone would google the words ‘upskirt’ and ‘ball busting’…

  • Maeve

    I’ve been a lurker and sometimes commenter/poster since 2006 when I read Jessica’s Full Frontal Feminism book after seeing her on the Colbert Report. I visit at least once a day when I have internet access, you guys help me keep up to date with the news and feminist issues, you rock!

  • argon

    “Two of the top search terms that bring people to the site are upskirt and ball busting.”
    And what about “cybersuccubus”? :)
    Seriously, you guys rock… keep it up!

  • rebekah

    I absolutely LOVE feministing. It allows me to put my feminist ideas out there, knowing that I’m going to get feedback and constructive critisism instead of a backlash about being a hairy, man-hating, butch lesbian (non of which I am) that I do in other places. I found feministing one day while I was searching for feminist quotes. One of the community posters had done a quotes that are important to feminism and it came up. I decided to read around the site for a little while and then one day I got the courage up to sign up so that I could write my own and comment. It was the first time that I had put myself out there like that and the overwhelming amount of support that I got was amazing. I’m hooked, and I love all of it. I find the fuck you segments really refreshing, mostly because its just not acceptable for women to talk that way, anyways though, Thank you so much Jessica for all of this. You have given the feminist community a place where we can come and vent about the things that make us mad, put issues out there that we think others need to know about, and get feedback when we have a problem and we don’t know what to do about it. None of this would be possible without you guys so thanks again

  • sarah

    I love everyone here at feministing, editors, commenters. I seriously feel like I know all of you, and that you’re my friends. Creepy?

  • Sunil

    I don’t even remember how/when I first saw Feministing, it just feels like it was always there — a bit like Star Wars. :) Now it’s the first thing I read in my feed reader in the morning, and also one of the few sites where I disable adblock plus. Keep up the good work!