Freed Journalists Discuss Their Release and Gratitude.

We got the good news last week that Euna Lee and Laura Ling were returned home. To add to that feeling of relief that came upon hearing the news, I also wanted to share this video of Laura Ling speaking of the experience and Bill Clinton securing their release.
Tear-jerker warning!

Go Bill!
Thanks to Neela for the link!

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  • msmaddy

    SO GLAD these women are back, but still can’t get behind a sexual predator like Bill. It seems ironic that a man accused of rape and sexual misconduct so many times, who clearly sees women as objects for his own sexual ab/use, can get by most of our feminist criticism because we tend to agree with some of his politics. To me, it’s like forgiving Chris Brown because I liked his lyrics, and it seems like selling out. Maybe someone can give me a different perspective?

  • ekpe

    when was clinton accused of rape?

  • proudfeminist

    So why did they not send Hillary Clinton ? Its like, look feminists we took some women aboard, not many but still !!
    And when important stuff needs to be done they are all like lets send Bill.

  • ekpe

    H. clinton was there and her and the N. Koreans got into a cussing match. Gore was then proposed, but B. Clinton was demanded.

  • James

    Two reasons:
    1. Despite it being obvious to everyone that Pres. Clinton’s trip was a result of the U.S.’s diplomatic effort, it was still ostensibly a private mission. If someone who’s part of the current government – and particularly the head of the Department of State – were to have gone, that would have made this an official mission and not an ostensibly private one.
    2. We don’t currently have any diplomatic ties with North Korea; sending the nation’s chief diplomat would contradict that policy.

  • msmaddy

    Basic allegations via wikipedia (allegations were never proven true, but here are some vicitms’ accusations):

  • EvilSlutClique

    There is forgiveness and then there is acknowledgment of when someone does something good. I don’t “forgive” Chris Brown because I like his music. I don’t support him, but I do like his music because I can separate the person from the action. I don’t have to love Bill Clinton or forget the other stuff he’s done and/or been accused of doing in order to be grateful for his role in bringing Lee and Ling home.

  • msmaddy

    Good point. This is exactly the different perspective I was looking for :). Sometimes, it’s just too early in the morning for commenting!

  • ActsofFaith

    But as long as you financially or otherwise support men (or women) that do destructive things that harm other women you are condoning their actions. There is no separation of an artist’s behavior when they are UNREPENTANT. I will not support a repeat child molester or woman beater.

  • EvilSlutClique

    Well, that’s why I said I don’t ‘support’ them, financially or otherwise. But if a song comes on the radio and it’s a good song, I’m going to enjoy it… regardless of who made it. Just like I’m going to be grateful to whoever brought these journalists home, regardless of what else he may have done. I didn’t say I was writing Bill a big fat check.