Deadgirl: Nothing says movie classic like rape and necrophilia

Trigger warning and spoilers ahead
Via Lisa at Sociological Images, we’re introduced to Deadgirl – a lauded movie making the independent film circuit. Oh yeah, and it’s about kidnapping, rape and necrophilia. Good times!
As if the posters weren’t enough to give you pause – you really have to love the tagline “You’ll never have anything better” and the sideways mouth-as-vagina – the synopsis reveals just how horrifying this movie actually is.

The film begins in a school playground, where two teenagers, Rickie (Shiloh Fernandez) and JT (Noah Segan) are talking. JT gets Rickie to skip school, and the two decide to go to an abandoned mental asylum…where they see a girl chained to a table with a plastic bag over her head. Rickie wants to call the police, but JT tells him not to. They touch her and it is revealed that she is alive. JT punches Rickie and Rickie leaves.
He comes back later with a gun, and JT tells him that he started hitting the girl to stop her screaming. He then shoots her three times, but she doesn’t die. Rickie thinks it is messed up.
He returns to the basement to free the girl and hears a banging sound, where he finds Wheeler having sex with her.
…Wheeler tells them that he and Rickie don’t need Joann because they have their own pussy now. Johnny and Dwyer go to the basement, where JT asks them if they want a go on the girl. They argue about this for a while before relenting, and have sex with her.
…Later, JT tells Wheeler he knows how to make a new deadgirl, and they go in search of a woman. They find a woman on the car park of a petrol station, and JT hits her with a crowbar, but she manages to beat them both up and escapes. Joann sees them and argues with them about what happened to Johnny, so they kidnap her instead.
They take her to the basement and tie her up…apparently the new deadgirl.

Lisa points out that this movie is actually being touted as controversial and “edgy,” when in fact “there is nothing original about rape and sexual objectification.” For serious. I mean, the sexualization of dead women is hardly new. I think in honor of this shitshow of a movie, I’ll go rent Teeth.

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