Ann’s on vacation….

So no Weekly Feminist Reader this week – it will be back in full force next Sunday!
In the meantime, check out this must-read from Esquire, “The Last Abortion Doctor.”

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  • Siby

    I read that a few days ago. I made the mistake of reading it right before bed.. It really depressed me and I lost sleep.
    I have soo much respect for Dr. Hern. I just bought his book, “Abortion Practice”.

  • Siby

    And by the way, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t read it. Definitely read it! It’s a really moving and interesting piece.

  • pepper

    Don’t forget Dr. Carhart. The latest update on RH Reality Check paints a grim picture of his now non-existent security detail.

  • FeministLookingGlass

    Wow. That article made me speechless– a rare event for me! I re-read that last paragraph like 8 times to really soak it up.

  • Trixen

    I cried multiple times whilst reading that article. Thought it was so important that I emailed it to everyone I know.
    The last paragraph… it gave me chills, and tears ran down my face, and I just wish I could protect him, you know?

  • Laurenms

    Ugh. This broke my heart. I’m shocked that we even have to have a discussion in this country about protecting doctors that perform legal procedures. Really scary and sad. But I feel proud knowing that Dr. Hern (and Dr. Carhart, it seems) are willing to risk their lives for the women whom they serve.

  • Lisa

    I’ve never criticized something like this on feministing and with such important content I feel like a nitpicky asshole even saying it. But the author’s writing style made this piece nearly unbearable for me to read. Stories like this are an opportunity to show the realities of a world that is often reduced to political buzzwords or black and white morality. Exposing the personal side of this world is a naturally compelling subject but I felt like I had to trudge through the painful structuring to get at the heart of the story. What a shame. I also have to question the author’s regular use of a label that Dr. Kern explicitly states he is uncomfortable with.

  • Shadowen

    Y’know what’s weird? I kept hearing Dr. Kern’s quotes in the voice of Doc Cottle, from Battlestar Galactica. Lost none of its power, actually.
    As Lisa said, it has some appalling style problems, but the article itself is otherwise very revealing and informative.

  • ema

    Lisa, criticize away! I think it’s important to point out that just because an Ob/Gyn isn’t shot in the head or isn’t abused physically or verbally all that much all’s well and we should be most thankful for some crumbs thrown our way.
    Bottom line: The git who wrote the article deserves nothing but contempt.