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A gunman in Tel Aviv opened fire on a community meeting for LGBT teens.
Women’s rights workers in Afghanistan call for more aid instead of more troops. Guess which one of those things Obama is sending?
The Massachusetts Dept of Public Health just released the results of a survey comparing the health of LGBT residents to hetero and non-trans residents. As Helen notes, is a pretty alarming gap between the health of trans people and cis people.
Bob Herbert weighs in on a question Shark-Fu has tackled in response to the Skip Gates arrest: When is anger productive?
Femininity and masculinity on So You Think You Can Dance.
There’s a new report on how reproductive justice intersects with environmental justice.
Veronica celebrates her momoversary.
Paige Schilt at Bilerico has a moving post about truck stops (Yes — truck stops! Read it.): “When I was a straight, white college student, I used to appreciate places like this as kitsch. That was before I traveled the U.S. with my ex–a gender non-conforming man of color, a non-citizen. Now I sense the undercurrent of violence. I can taste the ambient terror.”
Apparently the White House garden is contaminated by a toxic sludge used as fertilizer during the Clinton administration.
A hundred immigrant detainees in Louisiana are on a hunger strike in protest of jail conditions.
On refugees, rape, and why we need an International Violence Against Women Act.
Kate Harding on Michael Pollan on home cookin‘: “[...] I still can’t help thinking his penis is showing when he describes Betty Friedan’s “The Feminine Mystique” — which also debuted in 1963 — as “the book that taught millions of American women to regard housework, cooking included, as drudgery, indeed as a form of oppression.” Funny, I always thought Friedan became a feminist icon because she articulated what millions of women already felt, not because she brainwashed them into believing that repetitive, menial, unpaid labor might not be the best use of their talents.” (Amanda has more.)
Examining the overwhelmingly negative lexicon for aging female bodies.

The repatriation of Rwandan refugees is forcing women to abandon their farms — and therefore their stability — in the middle of growing season.
Rachel on the meaning of “cowboy culture.”
Newsweek discovers polyamory.
Mitsuru Mitsuru on reclaiming the histories of trans people of color.
Cops in Alabama tased and pepper-sprayed a mentally disabled man because he didn’t understand they wanted him to open the bathroom door. “A spokesman for the Mobile Police Department said the officers’ actions were justified because the man was armed with a potential weapon – an umbrella.”
On Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin’s campaign to end the sexual exploitation of teens.
The Bitch Blog pays homage to pioneering actress Nichelle Nichols.
Are you a woman writer? There’s a new social networking site for you, SheWrites.
A North Carolina effort to use billboards to raise awareness about missing women of color needs donations to keep going.
Submit to Sepia, a new online magazine featuring the work of women of color!
And finally, just because this silly story is cracking me up today: “UDF employee hypnotized by relentless hot dog rotation
What have you been reading/writing this week?

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