Friday Feminist Fuck You: Glenn Beck

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Miriam: I’m Miriam and this is Jos. We’re doing our first Joint Friday Feminist Fuck You, the new Double Trouble Edition. (Sorry Ann!)
I’m really excited to be doing a video with Jos and to have her contributing at Feministing. I’ve known her for a few years through our reproductive justice work and I think she’s awesome.
Jos: So we wanted to say a great big Fuck You to Glenn Beck and to a bunch of conservative white pundits in general. They’ve been kind of going nuts lately, using the recent Gates arrest as a chance to do a lot of race baiting and commentary, especially this past week.
Miriam: So two main things about Glenn Beck. He made a bunch of comments about how Obama hates white culture and white people, but then doesn’t hate white people, but he’s a racist. Basically it’s absurd, there is no evidence or rationale behind the idea that Obama hates “white culture” not that I really understand what white culture would be if he hated it. Basically it’s stupid, and wrong.
Jos: In the past white conservative commentators have gotten really upset when there have been claims of racism so it’s really interesting now their new favorite argument is that Obama is racist against white people. It’s really sensationalistic and it’s an attempt to stir up Glenn Beck’s base without any real argument.
Miriam: We also wanted to give a little bit of a Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah to Jon Stewart and the Daily Show for his witty and poignant round up of this conservative shit show. You should watch the video, we’re going to link it below. We know he uses the word douche, and some people complain about and I totally hear that but he still has a really great analysis of all that is wrong with the white conservative punditry, so watch it.
Also, if you want to take action against Glenn Beck, go here.

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