Hump day picker-upper: Reading Rainbow

This one is just cause I can…I came across the Reading Rainbow theme song last week when news hit that LamarLeVar Burton was in a car accident. He’s fine, thankfully.
I remember this theme so distinctly from my elementary school years. It gives me warm fuzzy memories of sitting in my public school library watching the show.

h/t to Veronica

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  • Emeraldcityserendipity

    It’s Levar Burton, not Lamar.

  • RMJ

    The soundtrack of days spent sick in bed, with the black and white TV at the foot of my bed…

  • LindseyLou

    Oh man, I loved that show as a kid. Although I remember being hugely disappointed to discover that Geordi La Forge did not actually need a banana clip in order to see.

  • radishette

    Miriam, from your posts, I’ve always thought you were particularly good people. Then today you post on Barbara Kingsolver/local food AND Reading Rainbow? I’m pretty sure you deserve a wreath of flowers just for existing!!

  • Jessica

    Oh my goodness. YES.

  • Gina in Yakima

    My $5 multi-colored bike is named “Reading Rainbow.” This totally made my day!

  • jnbklyn

    And, ditto!
    I swoon for both Barbara and LeVar.

  • Devonian

    My childhood!

  • EKSwitaj

    Argh, now I’ve got the song stuck in my head!

  • Stephanie

    Loved this show back in the day!

  • bibliothecaire

    I dressed up as Reading Rainbow for Halloween one year when I was working in a bookstore. I made a t-shirt that said “But you don’t have to take my word for it!” and pinned little butterflies all over myself. But the crowning glory of my costume was a huge cape made of rainbow-colored fabric. I discovered pretty quickly, though, that the cape was such an eye-catcher that people who couldn’t see my shirt had no clue what I was supposed to be, and more than one person guessed that I was dressed as a gay superhero – ha!

  • Lobelia

    Thanks so much for this! This used to be my favorite show as a kid. LeVar Burton is the best.

  • emmakitty

    Thank you so much for this!! Reading Rainbow was my favorite show when I was younger — my brother and I used to watch it all the time! The old song brought back all these warm fuzzy memories. Also, LeVar Burton is a BAMF.

  • ladylicious

    Love that theme song! Brings back memories.