Report released on CPCs as 2010 spending budget is decided

RH Reality Check released another compelling video with the Feminist Majority Foundation on their investigation into the deception of crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) and the serious harm it poses to young women.

For the next week, the House Appropriations Labor Health and Human Services (HHS) Committee will be conducting hearings on the FY 2010 spending bill. Take action and tell House Appropriations Committee Chair Rep. David Obey that continuing to fund abstinence-only programs and crisis pregnancy centers would be a severe injustice against women’s health and rights.

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  • opheliasawake

    Nightmarish. Makes you want to shout at workers going into the CPCs the way protesters at Planned Parenthood do. *tries not to sink to their level*

  • RMJ

    I wouldn’t be aggressive, but would it be ethical to pass out information on the lack of a link between abortion and breast cancer/suicide/etc?

  • RMJ

    Great video – I thought it was cogent, thoughtful, and distinctly un-hysterical. It’s disgusting that they’re taking away funding.

  • BackOfBusEleven

    One Crisis Pregnancy Center is receiving $3 million in federal money? That’s a ton of money for a place that doesn’t have many expenses. They probably spend the most money on building the facility and advertising. Volunteers work for free, and the literature wouldn’t cost more than a few thousand dollars a year (and that’s a liberal estimate). There are non-profits that get much less government funding but still have to pay few dozen employees with college degrees and professional licenses and certifications. And if that wasn’t outrageous enough, these CPCs are outright LYING TO PEOPLE! If they were right, and if abortion and other birth control were so terrible for women, they wouldn’t have to lie to make people agree with them. This shouldn’t even be up for discussion. If they lie, they shouldn’t receive government funding.
    And one of the women in the video talks about the out-of-date information on the flyers. I saw that for myself in 2005 when I was a senior in college. CPCs came to our wellness fair and handed out literature. I picked some of it up, not knowing what a CPC was, because I thought it would be interesting to share with my fellow Gender Equality Club members (Don’t worry. Planned Parenthood was there too). Some of the information was just hilarious, some was horrifying. But every source was at least 20 years old. Considering my classmates and I weren’t allowed to use sources that were more than 5 years old in our research papers (unless we were citing classic studies or autobiographies), it’s just insane that CPCs can get away with using information from 20 years ago in their literature.

  • Ronijn

    The part about the CPC telling someone they weren’t pregnant and then getting a positive result on a drugstore test: What. The. Fuck?!!!!
    That is devious, insane, and potentially dangerous (what if it was an ectopic pregnancy or something). Ugh! (and it makes me glad I don’t live in the US… what BS)

  • starryeyed.kid21

    I watch videos like this and read articles about CPCs…. but I just CANNOT wrap my head around it! My insurance requires me to go to a Catholic, not-for-profit, run-by-nuns hospital and I still got my birth control prescription, accurate info on STIs and protection, and they perform abortions! This is while they’re helping and running expensive tests on the homeless, the mentally disabled, and the dying who don’t have insurance- without charging them a fortune- instead of turning them back out onto the streets (my mom works there. I hear a lot of stories).
    Isn’t THAT what religious people should be doing? Helping???

  • vaseline

    I just don’t understand how they can do any of this legally. Why aren’t they being shut down for giving false medical information and including God in their work?
    These clinics really expose to pro-life movement for what they really are. They have to lie to women just to get them into their clinics sometimes.
    I read an article in the Chicago Tribune a couple years ago about Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Chicago. The article was completely biased and the writer obviously favored CPC’s for all of their “good work”. However, they interviewed a women who had a very troubling experience with a CPC. She actually made an appointment at a REAL family planning clinic, but a CPC moved in right around the corner from them, just like one of the clinics in this video. She ended up walking into the CPC by mistake and they actually pretended that she had made an appointment with them, saying that they had been expecting her. It really creeped me out, especially since the author of this article was still trying to paint the whole scenario in a positive light.

  • turninnburnin3

    I once went into a CPC to see what it was like for those girls who have had less education than me regarding women’s health (I am a health major). I was also pregnant at the time (which I choose to terminate..another post), but back to the story. I knew I was pregnant, but a friend had told me that if you went to this center you would have to sign a waiver saying you understood that the “nurse” could tell you that you were not pregnant if they thought you might choose an abortion. (I just want to say that I paraphrased this, because I cannot remember the exact wording). I did not believe her, so I did an investigation on my own. And the waiver did in fact basically say that, but it was done with trickier language. I went into a very nice room and waited for the lady to come in and talk with me. When she came in she apologized for it just being her, I guess normally they have two people. I went through a two hour long process of answering questions about my parents, my partner and my religious background. I was trying to answer honestly, but also exaggerating a little bit. Because I wanted them to tell me I was not pregnant, but in the end they did tell me I was pregnant. Now keep in mind this was AFTER 2 hours of answering questions. The lady was very judgmental. I kept thinking what if I was a 17 year old girl and was scared out of my mind. They did give me pamphlets about abortion and breast cancer and pretty much everything else they stated in the video. To me it was a very eye opening experience and it was not a pleasant one. And before I left they had me schedule an ultra sound so I could see my “baby” and the ultra sound was free and they also gave me information on programs where they give free things to mothers. In the end I did choose to abort, because nothing they said could have changed MY mind, but it could easily happen to others. Especially with the free things they offer to girl who does not know what she is going to do or how she will afford things. But it still shocks me that they can lie to you about your pregnancy test.

  • opheliasawake

    Good point. Maybe the better answer is just to hang around and say, “No really, here’s direction to planned parenthood, and here are the actual facts.”

  • opheliasawake

    Good point. Maybe the better answer is just to hang around and say, “No really, here’s direction to planned parenthood, and here are the actual facts.”

  • Siby

    Sometimes, I toy with the idea of going to a nearby CPC and seeing this crap for myself.. But I don’t think I could handle it. It’d be outraged. I kind of want to spend my time their exposing their lies.. But these people are probably beyond help.

  • Stephanie

    It makes me sick thinking about these CPCs…women need to know the truth about abortions and have access to them, not all this fake bs about breast cancer and going to hell….seriously, it’s messed up.