Prostitutes – “Hot or Not” but still a menace

A big Friday Feminist FUCK YOU to Knoxville, Tennessee and the Knoxville News Sentinel!

Knoxville, Tennessee, even with its groups pushing for progressive movements, is still a town of Good-old-boys.  This is extremely evident with a web gallery on the city paper’s site in which visitors can rate women convicted of prostitution a’la Hot or Not.

Additionally, the paper seems to be searching for some action among the prostitute population with recent articles, one titled "Addictions to drugs, thrills keep Knoxville prostitutes on the streets."

Another, which states that Prostitution is not a victimless crime st arts to touch on the idea that not all prostitutes *want* to be in that line of work, and that many of them ("them" being the prostitutes arrested walking the streets or advertising on the street corner, not sex workers who are able to be more discrete or cautious) are in a cycle that they have difficulty getting out of.  The article even goes so far as to *almost* state that the Johns are also legally responsible.  The article is, still, about shocking the readership about how these women are "bad."

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